Shades of Gay

A Book By David Clarke
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Shades of Gay CoverLethe Press, one of the larger LGBT publishers in the United States, is pleased to announce the release of a new novel that tackles themes of addiction, devotion, and monogamy through a passionate lens: Shades of Gay. This erotic novel by first-time author David Clarke, features the troubled relationship between two men. It was love at first sight when Daniel and Marc met but through the years that same love became tainted. Daniel, an alcoholic and sex addict, has found himself unable to resist the lure of other men. When Marc discovers his infidelity, he leaves Daniel who begins a dark descent into sexual tryst after tryst.

Shades of Gay reveals the myriad desires a lost man can permit his body and soul to revel in despite the pain they bring. But can such fleeting moments of pleasure bring meaning to life? Will Daniel realize the love he had with Marc is worth more than sweat and semen spent in other men’s beds?

“David Clarke’s Shades of Gay is a compelling look into what it means to be a prisoner to sexual addiction. His very frank and open documentation of Daniel’s sexual trysts enlighten readers….” – James R. Koury, Publisher of Diversity Rules Magazine

Shades of Gay is David Clarke’s first novel. Even so, he possesses a rich life experience that has enabled him create a colorful canvas upon which to paint very human lives. He is a retired social worker. As is the case of the protagonist, he is a recovering alcoholic and recovering sex addict. He is socially-minded and spirituality is the most important ingredient for him to maintain a happy and successful life. He lives in Syracuse, NY.

Lethe Press has been publishing quality titles in print and digital since the company began in 2001. The press has won several awards, including the Lambda Literary Award. Lethe Press books can be ordered through Baker & Taylor, Ingram, and other major wholesalers as well as online retailers like and

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