September Feature: Faith Lift Party

Faith Lift Party (FLP) was established in 2017, representing more than just a party. This is a movement, a feeling, and a connection. FLP brings the neighborhood and LGBTQ community together while celebrating our diversity. By combining spirituality with inspiring tunes, top DJs and an unbeatable vibe, FLP offers a unique space for people to let loose, be themselves, and let the rest be history!

FLP was born in the creative mind of DJ and fashion photographer, Christopher Logan. There’s always an inevitable reason to rejoice, says Christopher. Life and love are the most precious items we own. FLP is an all-inclusive, all-access approach to parties, offering a safe space for EVERYONE to relax and have fun in an unbiased, non-judgmental space.

Along with DJ BRGZR (menswear designer by day, groove conductor by night) The Faith Lift Crew are on a mission to redefine the way the community celebrates their incredible diversity. Guests will enjoy the aroma of Frankincense and Myrrh Oil upon arrival. Free hand fans will be given to all. Tambourines will set the tone and DJ’s Logan’s Run and BRGZR will define it.

The following is an interview with Christopher Logan (a.k.a DJ Logan’s Run) and Sam Coffie (a.k.a. DJ BRGZR) about the Faith Lift movement.

JRK: Before we start the interview, can you tell readers a bit about yourself, where you came from and all that good background stuff?

DJ BRGZR: I’m the youngest of 3, but a bit of an old soul that grew up around music my whole life, and partially raised by television LOL. I was born in a southern suburbs of Chicago. My father moved here from West Africa at 19, and my mom was born and raised in the Chicagoland area. I grew up kind of sheltered but also a fly on the wall. It allowed my to watch my older siblings in their “young wild and free” days, live vicariously through them, and create a world within my mind that became the biggest party in life. Thus, I wanted to live in that universe.

DJ LOGAN’S RUN: I was raised outside Charlottesville Virginia in a rural community by my supportive eccentric family, when I was 18 I moved to South Florida to attend art school and received a degree in Photography. I moved to South Beach and lived there for many years it was foundation for coming out, a jump start to my budding career in fashion photography, and lastly where I feel in love with music and nightlife. I currently reside in New York where I work as a photographer in addition to my work with Faith Lift Party.

JRK: You established Faith Lift Party in 2007 with your partner DJ BRGZR. Can you tell us what motivated you to start Faith Lift?

DJ LOGAN’S RUN: The idea of Faith Lift Party truly has been aching at me for some time now. I know that I wanted to do something spiritually based but wasn’t sure of my outlet. This past year I attended Winter Music Conference in Miami and I attended an event hosted by Barbara Tucker, she is a household name in the house music community with a focus on gospel music. I stood in corner by myself and just took it all in. I left truly shifted and moved… On the way back flying to New York. It came to me… that I needed to create a party with a focus on positivity and geared towards the LGBTQ community and our allies. The name Faith Lift was inspired by a sermon by Rev. Elizabeth Longo of Unity of Fort Lauderdale. I’m beyond grateful how quickly it’s grown from a small tea dance to what’s it’s shifting to today.

JRK: You have stated that Faith Lift is “not just a tea dance, it’s a movement, a feeling, a connection.” Can you explain that a bit further?

DJ LOGAN’S RUN: Faith Lift Party started as a small tea dance, with an intention for creating a safe space for our LGBTQ family and allies to rejoice, dance, and truly feel loved and respected. It’s grown so quickly over the past few months. to truly a movement, a feeling, and a connection. The moment people walk in the door they are welcomed and can truly be themselves and let go. The music that DJ BRGZR and myself spin at Faith Lift Party will surely move your heart and body on the dance floor!

JRK: Where are the parties held usually? Are they limited to a particular geographic area?

DJ BRGZR: The party is held at C’mon Everybody in the Clinton Hill area of Brooklyn. But it is sure to grow as we have some things up our sleeves.

JRK: What do you envision the future of Faith Lift to be? Do you see the events expanding to other parts of the country and world?

DJ BRGZR: As we grow, we are trying to reach globally. We want to spread our message of love and community through our ministry of music. We definitely see this event expanding. But I’m complete transparency, I don’t think of it as an event, but as an experience.

DJ LOGAN’S RUN: Faith Lift Party is truly growing in ways I never expected. I’m a firm believer in not having expectations. Just going with flow and see what develops. I do see us traveling internationally and across the US. We’ve working on a few things now so you’ll have to stay tuned. We are grateful that with social media we can share the groove globally by having people follow us on Instagram and Soundcloud by hearing our mixes and inspiring messages. FLP is truly on a move!

JRK: Can you give us details about the next party in September?

DJ LOGAN’S RUN: Our next FLP is September 17th at C’mon Everybody in Brooklyn. We welcome everyone to come by. This September we will be posting live on Facebook and Instagram so those who cannot attend can still be apart of Faith Lift Party. In addition we will be recording our live mixes and posting them on Soundcloud so be sure to take a listen. We are in talks now for a few surprises, so until then I’ll need to keep things wrapped!

JRK: How have the events been received by the public thus far?

DJ LOGAN’S RUN: The concept of combining Gospel House with a focus on the LGBTQ community and our allies is a bit of a foreign idea. I gotta say the response has been widely positive and excepted. We are offering something that initially may seem taboo or unwelcome to some. I’ve been thrilled by the warm response of the people attending our events, the media, and our growing followers on social media.

JRK: Given the tension and division in the country and world today, how do you see Faith Lift helping to bridge the divide among people?

DJ LOGAN’S RUN: Our goal at FLP is to create a welcome safe space for everyone. LGBTQ and our allies. Music and dance brings people together and it’s a natural healer. I love seeing people from all walks of life at FLP come together. Our events are always free, so anyone can attend without judgment.

JRK: What would you tell a troubled LGBTQ youth dealing with their sexuality?

DJ BRGZR: Understand that your story is so IMPORTANT to someone too. You really are that missing link that can complete someone else just when they thought they were at their lowest point. Stand in that. Live your truth. Know that faith is a key to move mountains. And know that you are NOT ALONE. At the end of the day, being honest with yourself first will help you be unapologetically you.

DJ LOGAN’S RUN: Know that you are never alone. That there are resources available at a click of a button to assist you in your personal journey. To take full advantage of peer groups, counseling, and health services. Everyone’s coming out story is different and you have a story to tell. There’s are many people willing to listen and help. Lastly, be yourself and love yourself! Shine bright!

JRK: Do you have any parting thoughts you’d like to leave Diversity Rules readers?

DJ Logan’s Run + DJ BRGZR: Yes! Please partake in this journey with us. This is something that we love, and we want you to grow with us in faith! Help us strengthen our community and our allies. Your smiles and rejoicing are the driving force to us. We welcome you to follow us and reach out on Instagram @faithliftparty.You can also email us to at Lastly you can listen to our mixes on Keep the Faith!


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