Resignation Statement

Submitted May 10, 2013

095206A number of people have said they have seen my resignation statement from my day job in the paper and that is was very inspirational to them.  I thought I’d post it on my blog, for more to see.  I hope it motivates you to explore your own potential and help you decide to move forward and make a life changing decision too.

After 20+ years with the City of Oneonta, as its City Clerk, I have tendered my resignation effective on a mutually agreeable date sometime in the middle of July. I have thought long and hard about this for many, many hours and days over the past few years, and much more so of late, with the recent transitions in my office.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my tenure with the city. It really has been a pleasure and an honor to serve with so many dedicated people through the years in city government. I have also had the distinct pleasure to meet and work with countless dedicated clerks around New York State and the country. My years with the city will always be cherished and remembered as a fond period of my life.

I have had many fond memories during my tenure, but I must say the most memorable was when same sex marriage was legalized in New York State. Being a gay man and the City Clerk at the time, it was a wonderful opportunity for me to be able to arrange for City Hall to be open and to have same sex couples get married on that day, followed by a marriage equality party at the Oneonta Theater. It was very gratifying to me, and very emotional, to be able to witness such an historic event in my official capacity as well as an advocate. My one regret is that I didn’t have the opportunity to follow through yet on the marriage officer legislation so I could actually have conducted some marriage ceremonies as well.

Change is never easy, but sometimes we must muster the courage within and do that which our internal inspiration compels us to do. I see this as a bold, life changing decision that will open many new opportunities for me, and yet to some, it may seem a crazy, suicidal action.

However, as is the case with water, if it does not circulate and move and get refreshed it stagnates and begins to stifle life and creativity. Unfortunately, I have begun to stagnate and feel I must pursue a more creative venue or venues in which to function. I am pursuing some endeavors that are independent based and will allow me to utilize my skills in a more conducive fashion that will serve my evolving advocacy and activist interests much better.

Life is a book and chapters must end, and alas, it is time to close this chapter and move to the next. I look forward to the chapters yet to be written and the many wonders of life that await me. As I told the Mayor, City Manager and the Personnel Director upon giving my notice, I do not want to be 20 years out at age 73 wondering what could have been if I hadn’t made this decision this week. My gut compels me to move on and choose a new path.

I look forward to my remaining time in my capacity as City Clerk and will freely train and assist whomever the City Manager, Mayor and Common Council select to replace me. The city is in great stead and I have every confidence that the workings of the City Clerk’s Office will continue relatively unfettered and will experience a seamless transition to a new person’s oversight.

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