Media Attack on the LGBTQ Community
By Donny Winter
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donny_winterDonny Winter is a gay rights activist on YouTube and recently graduated from Central Michigan University with a degree in English and Anthropology. He’s aiming to publish a manuscript of LGBTQ-themed poetry and write a memoir of his high school days where he was a victim of frequent bullying.

LGBT individuals and characters are often frequenting television nowadays. Gradually, our community has been represented in a more positive light. Unfortunately, some questionable programs slip through the cracks and continue to cast a negative light on the community. Recently, the TLC channel has allowed the show, “My Husband’s Not Gay” to hit the network.

The show centers around men who suffer from “SSA,” which to them translates into “Same-Sex Attraction.” Additionally, the show focuses on married Mormon men choosing to ignore their same sex attractions and their choice to remain in a heterosexual relationship per their religious beliefs.

While it is perfectly logical to have a show outlining the religious beliefs of these individuals, one should also take into consideration how a program like this may impact younger LGBT individuals. The show creates a stigma surrounding same-sex attraction by making it sound as though it is some sort of disease that needs to be controlled. Not only that but it attempts to validate the flawed misconception that sexual orientation is a “choice.” If these individuals are bisexual men and they are choosing to remain in a relationship with a woman, that’s perfectly fine. But one cannot ignore what this says to younger LGBT individuals. It implies that a person can control their same-sex attractions and conform to heteronormative standards.

While it is unlikely that this program will be removed from television sets across America, the best way to combat this archaic interpretation of sexual orientation is by speaking out. Inform people that sexual orientation is not a choice or trendy short-lived attraction.

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