New Year’s Resolutions

It is certainly hard to believe that another year is almost complete.  A new year awaits us and only the universe knows what it shall bring.
As I reflect upon this past year, all in all it has been a great one.  Personally, it has been a very gratifying year, albeit intertwined with stressful moments caused by my failure to live in the now and be one with the power of the universe.  However, we are only human, and moments of self-doubt are inevitable but as long as we remain focused on the true meaning of our lives and what makes us happy, those moments are eventually drowned out of our consciousness.
The highlight of my year has nothing to do with politics, socio-economic equity or professional advancement.  Ozmo, my dog, came into my life in June; my new best friend and companion.  He has taught me the meaning of love and caring and has also made me realize what it means to be depended upon and to be unconditionally loved.  The symbiosis of dog and man is remarkably comforting and I thank my dear friend Eric for introducing me to Ozmo.
This year has also brought some remarkable advancement toward fulfilling our nation’s promise of liberty and justice for all.  The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was deemed unconstitutional, and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) was repealed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama.  Proposition 8 was also struck down and we can only hope that decision is sustained by subsequent court reviews.
What shall the future bring in terms of LGBT equality?  Our nation has a history of granting equal and fair treatment to all.  If history is our guide, there is no reason to believe that further strides will not be made toward the elimination of institutional discrimination and unequal treatment in 2011.
However, equality shall not come from hoping others do what you feel inside is the right thing to do. Proclaim your inner soul and express it freely, without hesitation and without fear of persecution.
The intensity of one’s desire to foster change will determine the degrees to which that change will occur. To my LGBT brethren and allies, I say intensify your desire for equality and demand that it be so, it shall then be.
In 2011 resolve to be proud of who you are and express your true self and forge ahead with your lives without the entrapment of your closet, your fears and insecurities.  Make your mark on society as the person you truly were born to be.

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