Keep Up Now – Burning Bowl

This New Years’ Eve, host a Burning Bowl Ceremony; out with the old and in with the new!  The intention; rid yourself of fear, negativity & stagnation.  Subsequently manifest abundance and happiness in the New Year.  This is a great party activity and extremely powerful in manifesting your reality. 
Be sure to have a secure locale to light a fire; preferably a fireplace.  Distribute sheets of paper and pens to your guests.  Instruct them to list the effects they would like to purge.  Suggest things that bring disappointment, despair, feelings of resentment, or anger. These are rooted in fear; negative relationships, jobs, money situations, possessions, etc… Be sure to tell them, no one will see this list but them.  When the list is complete, encourage them to review it.
In order to rid ourselves of situations in our life that engender fear and despair, we must first look at them; bring them to the light; ultimately forgive them by forgiving ourselves for our feelings of inadequacy, only then, can we dispel them.  When we hide our fears, they become monsters in the closet and grow larger with each passing day.
Next, tell your guests to wad up the list into a ball and envision the negative effects departing their life as they pitch the bundle into the flame and watch it burst into flames.  You may hear sounds of cheers at this point!
When everyone has finished throwing their list into the fire; dispense a clean sheet of paper to your guests, accompanied by a stamped, self addressed envelope.  Instruct them to write down everything they desire to manifest in the New Year.  This is a powerful exercise and actually works; tell them to include everything.  Your creative power to manifest is boundless! When complete; instruct them to fold the paper and seal it in the envelope.  You may want to apply a wax seal; adding finesse and safekeeping. Collect the envelopes and inform your guests their lists are secure and you will be mailing them back next year at Thanksgiving, thus allowing them to see the results of their manifestations! 
Have a Happy New Year!
“We are light whose frequency is timeless; whose source is boundless and are ourselves open channels of creative force from which we shine.”- Rob Ludwig
“Keep up Now ~ with the stream of higher consciousness and stay connected to the Source.”

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