Naked Mates Goes Global
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naked_matesNaked Mates, the popular website for men who like to get naked with other men, is going global.  The site, which is already popular in the UK and increasingly so across Europe, is making a few changes which will help men across the globe find new naked mates. 

A new feature will allow guys to state which country they are from meaning they can find each other much easier.  A new website address also makes the site much more welcoming to international members.  Existing features such as Naked GPS, which allows users to see who is nearby, already lend themselves to an international audience and work well wherever on the globe you happen to be.

Naked Mates is a community networking website for men everywhere who are into getting naked with other guys.  The site is a network of guys who like to hook up for parties, woodland and country walks, camping trip, swims, male bonding and just about anything else men like to do together naked.  The site is open to straight, gay, bi and curious men, and the group is not defined by any sexual preferences.

Naked Mates biggest strength is its community and the events which they arrange.  A lot of emphasis is placed on meeting your “naked mates” in the real world and not just chatting online.  At any one time there are up to 100 events posted on the site and each of can be attended by upwards of 70 members.  These events cover everything from parties, naked swimming and even naked holidays!!

Mark Routeledge, founder of comments, “When Naked Mates was first conceived, we wanted to arrange events for our friends in the local area.  As time went on, and more guys joined, events started springing up across the UK.  In the last few years we have noticed that more and more international members have joined the site so wanted them to feel more included in the Naked Mates family and set up their own events.  We would love the site to grow to the point where Naked Mates parties are springing up in every country.”

To visit Naked Mates go to if you are in the UK or if you are anywhere else.


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