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By Jim Koury, Editor/Publsher, Diversity Rules Magazine
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Eyes_Wide_Open_PicWelcome to the April issue of Diversity Rules Magazine.  Spring has started to arrive with the advent of robins, red winged blackbirds and the other spring creatures that come back to these parts of the slowly unfreezing northeast tundra.  Mother Nature isn’t quite cooperating yet though.  I am hopeful she gets with the picture soon!

This issue is a rockin’ one, if I say so myself.  I welcome Benjamin Di’Costa, an advocate for youth and young adults.   He is a 24 year old minority bisexual man who currently resides in South Florida. Benjamin has worked in the HIV prevention field throughout Florida in various Community Based Organizations.

After watching his partner become diagnosed with HIV and after noticing an absence of HIV negative young people (specifically gay and young people of color) advocating about social issues he decided to dedicate his life to being involved in the LGBTQ community on issues surrounding social justice and diversity education.

It’s a great interview and you don’t want to miss it.

The April issue also welcomes three new regular contributing writers that I am very excited about — David-Elijah Nahmod, Tegan James (March’s cover feature interview) and Kristen MacKenzie.  You will love what they have to say and offer readers.

Also included are synopses of awesome films and a book that will pique your interest!

Have a great April.  See you soon.


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