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Eyes_Wide_Open_Pic_thumbWelcome to the November issue of Diversity Rules Magazine and My Two Cents! This month’s feature is a provocative topic but one that must be discussed and brought into the light of day.

Diversity Rules Magazine welcomes Jonathan Crutchley. Crutchley is a founding partner and owner of the world’s largest gay brands that includes Manhunt and Jack’d. He has joined the advisory board of The National Coalition of Rent Boys & Allies, an organization advocating for the legal rights of male escort workers. The group formed in response to the August 25th raid on in New York City by the NYPD and Homeland Security.

Federal agents joined the NYPD in shutting down on the assertion that it was using interstate commerce to violate local New York laws.

Mr. Crutchley is not alone in believing that federal agents violated the constitutional rights of U. S. citizens. The editorial board of The New York Times even called the raid “peculiar.”

Diversity Rules Magazine also joins Mr. Crutchley and the many others who believe the Department of Homeland Security overstepped its authority with its participation in this unwarranted and capricious raid on

The federal government and society generally, need to end its Victorian pre-occupation with sex and get out of the bedrooms of Americans. It is also time to stop the persecution of sex workers and join the ranks of those countries that have legalized prostitution and other forms of employment derived from the pleasures of sex. We must defend individual privacy and sexual freedom at all costs.

It is time to stop judging others and recognize that all folks have rights no matter what they choose to do to earn a living. Prostitution is one of the world’s oldest professions and we are never going to stop it from happening no matter how many arrests are made.  Escort and companion services such as are no less legitimate than any other profession and like prostitution will continue to flourish no matter how many times such services are shut down by overzealous federal, state and local officials.  There are much more important issues to dwell on.

As Jonathan Crutchley said in his interview, “It’s a good thing when everyone minds their own business.”

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