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I am always looking for content for each monthly issue of Diversity Rules Magazine. If you are interested in submitting material, please let me know. I am preparing my August issue now.  I am especially interested in up and coming writers and creative types in need of a venue to promote their work.  Many mainline publications ignore folks that haven’t “made it” yet.  I believe that we need to assist people in their journey to “making it.”

The mission of Diversity Rules is as follows:

Diversity Rules” is very much like the visions of the great men and women before us who affected change in our lives for the better.  Diversity Rules attempts to facilitate changes in the way people perceive the Queer community.  It gives voice to the Queer community, its friends and supporters.

While the primary focus of “Diversity Rules” is on the needs and concerns of the Queer community, it will also address diversity beyond sexual identity, including gender, race relations, and equality for all.  “Diversity Rules” is a broad based publication appealing to a wide range of interests.

This publication also recognizes that Queer people are themselves diverse.  This diversity within LGBTQ often creates as much friction and unrest within as much as diversity generally in society at large. 

“Diversity Rules” will be a vehicle for coalition building among a variety of people who fall outside of what is considered normal sexual identities, cultures and practices.

So be part of the mission of Diversity Rules and be part of this great publication.  Contact the editor at:


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