Keep Up Now – We have Forgotten Who We Are

We are all perfect, complete, and whole.  Why, then, do we feel depressed, sick, angry and separated?  Because we have forgotten Who we are.  How is that possible?  …Because we are surrounded by others who have also forgotten Who they are.  Here’s the kick; it’s up to you to help them remember, and in turn, you will remember.
  My brother, Rob, shared a story with me about a poor bag lady he walked past day after day.  Each day he would look at her and think how awful her plight was.  In turn, he would feel guilty about all of the things he had.  One day he decided to approach her and offer to take her to lunch, which she accepted.  He thought how good he felt about his kind and generous deed and how he was making a difference in her life. What he discovered was a complete surprise. During the course of their luncheon, he quickly realized this woman was full of love and complete joy.  A sense of bliss so immense it enveloped him.  She was an endless river of complete love flowing outward from her soul and into his.  He thought, she must be an Angel.  He told me it was the greatest gift he could have received.  Rob thought he was doing this woman a favor by buying her lunch, but the lesson he was given and the love he received was greater than anything he could have imagined.
Abundance comes from within. “To have all, give all to all.” ~ACIM.   During Rob’s exchange with this woman, he was giving, but in turn received something far greater than a free lunch. He judged this woman as being poor, but clearly, she was rich beyond measure. 
            The next time you see someone and are quick to judge; good or bad, remember, we are all perfect.  Acknowledge the at-One-ment we all share.  Share everything you have, and accept the gifts that giving brings in return.  Remember Who you are.  Being is known by sharing. Whenever you heal a brother by recognizing his worth, you are acknowledging his power to create… and yours! Deny his creative power, and you are denying yours.  Remember…You are magnificent and glorious beyond measure!  Do not deny your creative power. Be fabulous, for that is what you are!
            Keep Up Now, with the stream of consciousness we all share, and stay connected to the Source!

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