Keep Up Now: Tis’ the Season to be Jolly

By Terry Ludwig
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terry_ludwig (80 x 100)Terry’s brother Rob died of AIDS in 2004 and left her his writings of which Keep Up Now is the result.  Terry can be reached at

Tis’ the season to be jolly… Yes, the holidays are upon us, once again.  The stores are decorated, holiday music abounds, and scents of the season permeate the air.  We are immediately drawn to memories of the past as our egos engage in projecting our emotions onto the present and creating our future.  Most of us do this without being consciously aware of our actions.  It’s “plug and play” with sensory overload and automatic pilot is in full gear.
For some, the memories ignite a sense of wonder and joyful anticipation.  Even the first snow showers conjure sentiments of magical theatrics.  Days are filled with making lists and the evenings are overflowing with holiday parties, shopping and merry making. 

For others, the holidays put into motion a sensation of loneliness, desperation, expectation and lack.  The demands of the season are daunting, the expense overwhelming and the weather bitter and harsh.  The days are spent in worry and forged conversation, and the evenings spent slowly counting the days until they are finally over.

Two states of opposite sentiment, both engage the ego in keeping our mind from experiencing the only moment that is real; now.  Although the first scenario appears to be cheerful, if your happiness is tied to memories of the past and you’re not experiencing joy in the moment, you are doomed to experience the all too familiar post holiday depression.

This holiday season, let the joy you experience come from this moment now, inside of you.  Start by making a daily gratitude list.  List five things you are grateful for now, before you even get out of bed.  This will set your day in motion with a grateful heart.  Your appreciative spirit will light your smile with the love and appreciation you’re experiencing.  When you’re out in the world, be the light for your brothers.  When you share your light, it is increased and comes back to you, filling you will a sense of love and purpose.

Next, there is no such thing as lack.  Erase the thought from your mind. You possess the most sought after gift of all; Love.  Everyone wants it, everyone needs it, but few understand how to get it because they don’t know where to look for it.  It’s inside of you, right where it’s always been.  Love isn’t something you get FROM someone else.  Love is something you SHARE.  Once you share it, it is strengthened, and returned back to increase the love you have to give again. You are abundant with love and enjoy the added gift of experiencing life.
We are all One.  Look at the people around you; old, young, vibrant and disconcerted.  You have the greatest gift to give, inside of you.  All you need to do is share it.  Your light is the gift that keeps on giving.  It will brighten someone’s heart and light the path for others, bringing you joy in return.  It will give others strength to let their light shine as well.  

Love can be a smile to brighten someone’s day, a note of thanks to let someone know how much they’re appreciated or simply a door held open.  It can also be a helping hand for someone in need.  There are so many ways to share your light and your love; you have countless gifts to distribute.   You cannot be lacking when you have so much to give.

This holiday season, let the joy you experience last throughout the years.  Not just during the holiday season, but every day.  Share your Love with others, strengthen it, and let it return to you to be given again.  This is where manifestation begins.  You are abundant.  You are Love.

Keep Up Now with the stream of higher consciousness.

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