Keep Up Now: Reboot Your Hard Drive

By Terry Ludwig
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terry_ludwig (80 x 100)Terry’s brother Rob died of AIDS in 2004 and left her his writings of which Keep Up Now is the result.  Terry can be reached at

How long has it been since you re-booted your hard drive and downloaded the latest version of your Self?

We all know what happens when we haven’t downloaded the last update for our computers, right?  Things start to slow down, and eventually they just don’t work at all.   To make sure this doesn’t happen, we update our computers on a regular basis and we’re up to date on the latest techno gizmos to keep our lives operating efficiently.

I’m always juggling a dozen tasks at a time; running a business, keeping my interior design projects up to tempo, making sure my clients are happy, maintaining my home, servicing the family vehicles, caring for my children, and let’s not forget planning and preparing meals and attending to daily fitness routines!

In order to make sure my life runs as smoothly as possible, I reboot and update my computers so I can stay connected to my programs without interruption.  I eat healthy meals and exercise, but most important, I stay connected to my higher Source; by going inside my mind, through; yoga, running, meditation, reading, and always being conscious of my thoughts.

Computers are quick to let you know something has gone wrong, but how do you know when something has gone wrong with your mind?  Any time you experience unhappiness or sickness in any form something has gone wrong! Unhappiness and sickness are the red flashing lights on your dash board sending the message “It’s time to service your vehicle… Your mind”! 

The greatest processor ever made is your mind, but most of us take it for granted.  We don’t pay attention to the warning signals and we don’t service it on a regular basis.  Its operating system is barely utilized and its capacity for understanding is paramount.  Most of us haven’t begun to look into all of the amazing functions it has!  We’re too busy looking outside of ourselves for satisfaction and happiness, when in reality; the key to happiness has been inside of us all along! 

Your mind has the capacity to heal all sickness, create happiness and unlimited abundance, and take you to places you haven’t even imagined.  Your mind is also the source of all sickness, depression and poverty.  With each thought you think you are healing yourself or injuring yourself. 

Mow many thoughts do you think you have in a day?  Some experts estimate the human brain can have up to 60,000 thoughts per day.  That’s roughly 2,500 thoughts per hour, and broken down further, it’s 42 thoughts per minute!  Every thought you have sends a message of intention to the Universe and an affirmation to your mind.  What are you creating?

Do you change the oil in our car every 3,000 miles?  Give the same respect to your mind! It requires maintenance; vigilance to watch over your thoughts and moments of reflection to receive guidance and direction. It begins with a conscious choice and a little willingness to shift your perception.  Once you make the decision to begin your inner journey, the Universe will present you with opportunities.  The right people and tools will show up in your life and your voyage will begin.  Your path is unique; it’s your responsibility to be aware of the signals the Universe is sending and to be accountable for your thoughts.

If your life is not brining you happiness, abundance and joy, your maintenance light is flashing.  It’s time to reboot your hard drive, go inside, and search for the answers.  Ask, and you shall receive.  Download and retrieve the latest version of your Self!

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