Keep Up Now – Living in the Now

“We must, in faith, put use this trust; our purpose here is but to live, not reinvent that which exists.  Pursuit of all beyond is such a waste of time; delight in “now”.  Forsake this life; it’s yours to do, but know what all is offered you.  Of man True Love is greatest all… be glad with that and stay awhile.” – Rob Ludwig
Are you delighting in now?  Do you know what that means?  Most of us are too busy thinking about what we need to do tonight, tomorrow, or what we did yesterday to acknowledge there is a “now”.  You’re fast asleep.  You’re not really living at all.  WAKE UP!  
When you are not living in the moment, when your mind is full of chatter, thoughts of guilt, worry and anxiety; you cannot experience “now”.  Similarly, if you are constantly projecting the future, telling yourself “someday I’ll be happy, one day I’ll have what I need to be content”, you are missing the opportunity to feel complete and happy now. 
Most people wake up when faced with a life changing event; the death of a loved one, an accident, or terminal illness.  They begin the journey to enlightenment that concludes in discovering the wonder and bliss and nature of their true reality, Love.  They learn to appreciate the wonder in everything and sense the joy in connecting to the Oneness of all of creation.  They never, again, experience loneliness.
This journey is your purpose; just to live, to experience “now”, to know yourself as Love. 
So, how do you wake up to “now” without the incident of a life crisis?  The decision is yours to make; remain asleep… or wake up!  The power is yours; select life… or death.  The choice is yours; experience heaven…or hell; Love, or fear.  You are in charge.  Of course, that means you have to accept responsibility for your life choices and stop blaming everyone else for your misfortunes.  Are you ready to do that, or do you still feel a sense of reassurance in playing the role of the victim and the martyr?  
Take a good look inside… are you ready to choose happiness?  Are you ready to wake up?  The power of Now, by Eckart Tolle is a great book to help you awaken.  Choose now!
“Keep up Now ~ with the stream of higher consciousness and stay connected to the Source.” 

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