Hugs – Kevin Duthie

It’s the Holiday season and there’s one thing that occurs more at this time of year, than at any other time.  And I’m not talking about shopping.  HUGS!
What is it about giving and receiving a Hug that is so special?  I’m not talking about the kind of hug that happens with expectations of more.  Just a GOOD OLD FASHIONED HUG.
There are hard Hugs and soft Hugs, full on Hugs and one arm Hugs.  There are Hugs with pats on the back and Hugs with a hand held at the back of the neck.  There are stiff Hugs when people are afraid and there are those Hugs when you just don’t let go and both end up rolling on the ground.  There’s also the “behind the back surprise hug”.   There are kissy Hugs with one being planted right on the lips or on a cheek and there are laughing Hugs.  And finally there’s the group Hug.
Whatever form of hug you choose, it’s physically the closest two hearts can get and spiritually when two souls touch.  One hug can say what a thousand words could not.  It’s a time when walls are lifted or temporarily disappear between people, if just for a moment.  It’s a form of surrender and acceptance.  And then there’s the feeling one gets.  There’s just nothing like it.
Whether it’s between lovers, family, friends or strangers, there’s a little miracle that happens.  Just try hugging a grumpy person and watch what happens.  They may still look grumpy on the outside, but I would bet all the money I don’t have, they are smiling on the inside, even just for a moment.
What’s great about a Hug is that YOU don’t even have to be part of the hug to share in its joy.  That’s why it’s a miracle!  Ever just watch two people hug?  How do you feel?  I feel happiness.  I have hugged more people this past year than all my previous years combined.  It is healing my heart, restoring my spirit and creating an excitement for my life, renewing my faith in others and myself.  I believe that the miracle of hugging can heal people and change a world.  Why do I hug?  Because, I can.
Kevin Duthie is a carpenter/contractor who currently lives in Provincetown, Massachusetts. 

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