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By Terry Ludwig
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terry_ludwigTerry’s brother Rob died of AIDS in 2004 and left her his writings of which Keep Up Now is the result.  Terry can be reached by e-mail at  Check out Terry’s website to find out how to manifest happiness and abundance.

Another year has passed and a new one has begun; welcome 2013! How many of you have made New Year’s resolutions?  I did!  I’m going to spend more time writing!  I’m really excited about it too; it feels good to make a conscious choice toward living my passion!

There has been a lot of negative news regarding New Year’s resolutions recently, and the fact they don’t work.  Most people don’t follow through and do the work they need to or make the adjustments necessary to implement positive changes in their lives.  This is because people don’t understand that in order to move forward, you have to let go of the past. 

We get stuck in the past because our mind is preoccupied with past thoughts.  We make choices that affect our future with each thought we think, even if we don’t realize we’re making a choice.  The constant banter of mind chatter running through our mind pulls you into senseless preferential selection… listen to it!  Your making choices all of the time!  What script is YOUR mind running right now?  What part of your past are you replaying again and again?  You are creating your future, right now, with the thoughts you’re thinking.  Is this the future you want?

We wonder why we never seem to move out of the stagnant realm we are in; well here’s your answer… release the past! Be vigilant to watch over your mind and stop hitting the replay button with your thoughts.  Instead, concentrate on all of the wonderful things you want to make manifest in the New Year… Right now!  Your mind is a powerful creator, the future is now.  Be aware of your thoughts and your intentions behind them in order to manifest happiness and abundance in your life.

One of the best ways to manifest abundance is through gratitude.  What does that mean?  I have had several people ask me recently; “how can I be grateful for people who have treated me poorly and have taken advantage of me?”

Gratitude isn’t necessarily being thankful to a person, although it can be. Be grateful for the sun on your face, the beauty of a new snowfall, the air you’re breathing, or simply the opportunity to experience life.  Be grateful for the chance to make new choices regarding your future, right now at this very moment.

Gratitude’s true power lies in a change of your energy and emotion; allowing you to create from a place of love instead of fear.  Fear and resentment create a state of deprivation and lack in your mind.  This negative mindful state creates despair and poverty in your life.  All thoughts contain creative power. You must be vigilant to watch over your mind at all times if you want to create happiness and abundance!

Gratitude changes your mindset to one of abundance and away from lack. A grateful heart engenders thoughts that create abundance in your life. By definition; “Gratitude – thankfulness, gratefulness, or appreciation is a feeling or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive.”  When you have a grateful heart you cannot be in a mindful state of fear and resentment.

Your grateful attitude will attract prosperity, happiness and abundance into your life and attract like minded people for you to connect with – bringing you even more happiness!  It’s the law of attraction!

What is your New Year’s Resolution?  Email me at and let me know! And while you’re at it, send me a list of 5 things you’re grateful for to get the ball rolling in the right direction!  Manifest a wonderful, New Year full of happiness and abundance.  Start with a grateful heart and follow your passion!  It’s simple, but not always easy.  Now that you know the secret to making your New Year’s resolution work, there’s nothing holding you back… But yourself!

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