Inspiration and Mr. Motivation Stopped By

By Chad Justin Czelusniak
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chadChad Czelusniak was born in Upstate NY and lives near Albany.  Chad lives with his partner Tim.  Chad and Tim have two dogs Mischa and Aiden. On Chad’s free time he enjoys working on his beautiful yard, reading, crocheting, and writing.

The tides turn and the wind shifts. A breeze travels across the Adirondack Mountains and I can smell spring is in the air. Inspiration creeps into my head. I picture him, Inspiration, as an adorable little gnome with a pointy hat. Inspiration wants to get out into the yard and play in the dirt. He knows that I am an Earth Sign and crave that earthly connection.

This spring season Inspiration wants me to build a raised garden box, actually two of them. “Imagine all the healthy vegetables you could have.” says Inspiration. “But where do I begin?” says I. “Research!” responds Inspiration.

“Wow, pre-made raised garden boxes are expensive. What shall I do?” Inspiration chimes in “Build your own raised garden boxes. You have to basically build the premade sets anyway. Just get lumber and do it yourself.”

Inspiration then started to create this wonderful raised garden box that was high enough so the dogs will not get into it, but low enough to not have to invest in too much topsoil. Inspiration then had a wonderful idea to add some trellis on to one side of the box. It will provide a bit of privacy from the road and block winds that may harm the plants. Inspiration even came up with the idea to put a small shelf at the top of the trellis wall to grow potted herbs. Inspiration pronounces the H in herb btw.

After Inspiration stepped away from his drafting table he had a beautiful plan that would be easy to build and easy to maintain. The question I had for Inspiration was “How am I going to get all the lumber cut?” The reply was “Buy a miter saw.” What a wonderful idea! I borrow a friends every time I have a project anyway.

Another wind blows across the Adirondacks with the scent of new life and growth. Our friend Mr. Motivation drops by to lend a hand. Inspiration, Motivation and I head out to the yard with all the tools necessary to create. There is so much excitement even the dogs, Mischa and Aiden, can sense the new beginning.

If you, the reader of this article, would like to borrow my gnome friends Inspiration and Mr. Motivation to create your own raised garden boxes you are more than welcome. Inspiration suggests that you do a little research. If you have a threat of ground hogs, as we do, then you need to put a screen down at the bottom of your box before you put in the topsoil. Also, and Inspiration wants you to pay close attention to this part, have precautions for birds and squirrels. Most designs suggest a cloth or screen mesh to cover. Finally Mr. Motivation says the best thing to do is to pair up with a friend to get it completed.

Inspiration has one final suggestion “Start off small and with veggies that you really like. Don’t overwhelm yourself with raised garden boxes that are too difficult to maintain.” Most importantly Inspiration and Mr. Motivation say “Have Fun.”

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