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DRlogo_4c (1600 x 400)The IndieGoGo Campaign to support the mission of Diversity Rules Magazine has begun! The campaign’s purpose is to raise revenue for not only the magazine but for funds to continue to expand into broadcast media with “Diversity Rules Magazine on the Air,” as well as to create an ability to do some advertising and promotion for the magazine to garner more subscriptions and to help spread the magazine’s message of diversity and acceptance.  Please consider spreading the message about the campaign.

This campaign is seeking to raise $5000. It is an attainable goal and will take care of what needs to be done to move the magazine forward and stabilize its presence in amongst the more well funded publications we all enjoy.

This campaign is important for a variety of reasons and your funding will help to achieve the following:

First, Diversity Rules Magazine is making a foray into broadcast media with an internet radio show entitled, “Diversity Rules Magazine on the Air.”  There are some costs involved with the show that involve a producer’s time.  I would like to expand the radio show’s presence further by expanding the scope of the show in order to reach more people.

Second, Diversity Rules Magazine is a subscription only publication.  There are some printing costs involved in its production as well as shipping and other monthly costs that add up through the year.  This campaign will not only allow Diversity Rules Magazine to expand further into broadcast media, it will also help to stabilize the publication by providing needed operating funds to fulfill its mission.

Third, your financial support will allow Diversity Rules Magazine to expand its presence into video production spreading the message of equality and diversity to the visual realm.  However, creating high quality videos of interviews of guests and such takes resources that are currently not available.

Last, the gay press is an important component of society’s social fabric.  It is an alternative voice among many but it needs the support of the gay community as well as that of the broader community.  It is important to have a presence in a sea of opinions and other publications that seek to disparage the gay community and what it stands for, as well as building up respect for others who are different.

Recently Comcast has made a bid to purchase Time Warner Cable.  In 1983, 90 percent of the American Media was controlled by 50 companies.  Today just 6 conglomerates own that 90 percent.  Americans need media diversity.  Will you step forward and help to ensure that goal by supporting Diversity Rules Magazine?

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