Charles Hanna was born in Egypt, the second child in a prosperous family. Through his work and the challenges he faced, he came to realize that all humans, addict and non-addict alike, share a condition he calls Perception Disorder.

He became aware of the critical importance of self love and the belief that there is something – call it God, Life Force, Creation – that is bigger than us.

And he discovered that as we learn to work with this higher power, we can alleviate our Perception Disorder and develop deep gratitude, purpose, fulfillment and happiness in our lives.

Charles is a passionate advocate for a daily system that helps anyone find gratitude and serenity in their lives, even if they currently feel hopeless, disconnected or unfulfilled.

A connection to and an understanding of a Higher Power has been the goal of humankind from the beginning of time. Ever since humans developed the ability to think cognitively and abstractly, they have searched tirelessly for their origin, purpose and the one supreme creator at the source of it all.

The world’s great philosophers and spiritual leaders teach us that happiness depends on how we look at life. In Higher: Awaken to a More Fulfilling Life (Figure 1 Publishing, Spring 2016), Charles G. Hanna explores why and how we can create the best possible outlook. By finding our Higher Perspective, Higher Power, and Higher Purpose, he demonstrates how we can challenge our demons and become our best selves.

His experience of physical, emotional, and spiritual recovery, along with his applications, will resonate powerfully with all readers.

Using examples gleaned from his experiences of despair, drug addiction and accomplishment, Charles will show you how the Higher Perspective can help you go beyond a life of short-sightedness, judgment and a self-centered viewpoint – called perception disorder – wherein you see yourself as the center of the universe, evaluating everything in terms of its being good or bad for you.

“One does not have to be an out-of-control substance abuser to benefit from a correction to one’s perception disorder,” says Charles. “We are all part of something much bigger than ourselves, and Higher builds during my drug recovery as I begin to understand what a Higher Perspective, a Higher Power and a Higher Purpose really are, and why they hold the keys to living in the now and becoming fulfilled and happy.”

An easy to read, yet impactful blend of spirituality, common sense and science to show how we can achieve and sustain a state of joy and growth, Higher:

• Examines the concept of a Higher Power from any spiritual orientation

• Provides a framework upon which you can build your own sense of self and purpose, live in the moment and enjoy the wonder of life

• Explores ways in which we can identify and pursue our Higher Purpose in light of our changed perception and understanding of the meaning of life

• Presents a template and tools for how to sustain a state of joy and growth

“No one has perfect perception,” adds Charles, “and even a minor distortion compromises our ability to lead the best lives possible. Higher explores why only a small fraction of people are capable of a sustained wider perspective and how you can become one of them through simple changes to your daily routine.”

Charles’ engaging voice, fascinating realizations, and depth of understanding makes Higher a valuable book for anyone who wants to find greater meaning, beauty, and success in their lives.


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