December Issue Released!

December_2012_coverThe December issue of Diversity Rules Magazine has been released featuring Lamar Van Dyke. 

During the 70’s a band of radical lesbians traveled the countryside looking for lesbian paradise.  Lamar Van Dyke was one of the Van Dykes driving from coast to coast, from Canada to Mexico.

It was a caravan of bald vegan women traveling from women’s land to women’s land. They were smashing monogamy, attacking the patriarchy at every possible opportunity and generally wreaking havoc wherever they went.  They refused to speak to men unless they were mechanics or waiters  Her van broke down in Seattle in 1980 and that is where she settled in.

The December issue also includes numerous other features, including Milton Wendland, Lee Lynch and Donny Winter.  There are also a number of new and interesting features!

Enjoy the issue and feedback is ALWAYS welcomed, regardless of opinion expressed.  Contact the editor at

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