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By Jim Koury, Editor
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magnus_JimWelcome to the November issue of Diversity Rules Magazine!  I am honored to feature Sir JET!

“Joel Evan Tye returns to the music scene with his most recent transformation of Sir JET.  His mission in life is to help people see that men can be as expressive and elegant as women in their own right. We are all a little male, we are all a little female, and our ability to discover and accept this inner duality allows us to embrace our whole selves, as well as see everyone as our equal: all beautiful figures making our way through this journey of life.”

I am sure you will enjoy JET’s interview as much as I did!  He is a remarkable individual and be sure to check out the links at the end of his interview on page 6.

Since this issue has been released prior to Election Day on November 6th, I feel once again compelled to encourage you, Diversity Rules readers, to vote for Barack Obama for President.

This election is like no other.  It is a defining election in our history.  We have two clearly distinct choices.  This election is a choice between returning to worn out policies of the past premised on helping the rich get richer or moving forward with a focus on the needs of everyday Americans.  I encourage you to vote to move forward by voting to re-elect President Barack Obama.

Just as our nation is at a crossroads, Diversity Rules Magazine is as well.  Plans are being laid to move the magazine forward, beyond simply being a digital publication.  Diversity Rules will be returning soon to a print edition on a limited, subscription basis.  The world is going digital!  That is a fact of life, but there are those that like hard copy publications and I want to get Diversity Rules back in the hands of those who enjoyed the print edition in the past.

Other changes will be coming in terms of an updated website and other fun things!  Stay tuned.

As usual, this issue is packed full of great information.  In addition to the regular columnists that you have come to enjoy, there are, as usual, new features and writers to captivate your attention.

I am always on the look out for new features.  So if you are interested in submitting material, please feel free to contact me by e-mail or by telephone as provided below.

Be well and Happy Thanksgiving!

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