Coming Out In New York

A Book by DLuis Meyer
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DLuis_MeyerDLuis Meyer is a  true European with friends in London, Barcelona, Paris, and Buenos Aires.  He used to live in London for 8 years and moved to New York 3 years agol  He currently works in finance and always wanted to live in New York.  He loves to meet his friends and socialise, had his first gay party at the Roxy in New York in 1998, which changed his life.  He has a great interest in movies, ballet, arts, fashion and fitness, but is also involved in fund raising for the AIDS Walk and the GMHC.  DLuis ‘oves traveling (South America and Europe preferred), hanging out with his friends in the clubs or enjoying a good brunch on the weekend.  He published his first novel in 2012, which is a good mix between non fiction and fiction and based on some of his own experience.

Luis Meyer seems to possess everything which we can wish for. He is attractive, smart and successful; he has amazing friends and is one of the most popular faces in the gay scene of New York. But on the day he wants to celebrate one of his biggest successes, he ends up feeling lonely and realizes what he has been missing for years. Luis remembers his arrival in New York on a hot summer day in July 1998 and the men he met in the following years. He has tried to forget the down to earth American, the charming Frenchman and the passionate Spaniard, but the past keeps on catching up on the usually cool and controlled man and turns his life upside-down. The exciting novel shines through its attractive and interesting characters, it describes the ups and downs of gay life and shows how easy it is to lose control. This book is a must read for everybody who loves New York and who is ready to find out how LIFE and the CITY have changed since the 90`s; which are considered by many as some of the most exciting years in the New Yorker gay community.Coming_Out_In_NY

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