Coming Up In June: Self-Help Guru Pierre de Villiers

Pierre de Villiers is a renowned TV and Media Personality, Author, Lecturer, Subconscious Psychoanalyst, and Mr. Commonwealth SA Semi-Finalist, just to mention a few of his many lives.  He has also been coined as a “Self-Help Guru.”

Pierre has been trained and is in private practice as a Subconscious Specialist with a specific interest in Depression, Anxiety, Stress disorders and instant Weight Loss for over a decade.  He humbly declines, as expected to name his modern-day Hollywood and Billionaire client base around the world. Working on a donation only basis, he sets out to tell the world during private consultation “The Secret of The Secret” and the Law of Attraction as one of many laws of this duality of reality that some call illusion and others call life.

Working with psychiatrists, psychotherapists and university heads of departments, he has been said to be able to mix oil and water in a single consultation of an hour with a new client. “He brings out the best in people,” some say and others echo: “This man can tie rocks to clouds.” An energy magician with the ability to easily hone in on the single most important subconscious message of any person at any point in their life is but a day in the life of Pierre de Villiers.

De Villiers says, in a nutshell, he assist those who want to feel loved and safe. “Anyone’s most inner desires wants to embrace their daily living,” he says. “I simply marry the two in a swift one-hour session.”

To find our more about Pierre, go to his Linkedin profile page.


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