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DR_Logo_new_No_Date (625 x 259)The queer press has been and remains very important to the queer community.  Most queer persons are consumers of mainstream media and heavy users of the various media markets.  Diversity Rules Magazine seeks to tap into this reality and provide a primary source of queer themed articles, arts and entertainment news, and other items of interest that can only be obtained from a queer focused publication.

How much is it worth to tap into this tremendous market of queer consumers?  For a minimal amount you can obtain amazing exposure for your company and your products that appeal to the queer community.  There are numerous advertising opportunities in Diversity Rules Magazine.

DON’T WAIT!  Contact us now in order to get your business in front of the tremendously powerful purchasing power of the queer community by advertising in the new DIVERSITY RULES MAGAZINE.

Contact Editor for the most current media kit or download it at:

 Diversity Rules Media Kit (Updated January 2013)

*** Please note that web ads are NOT YET AVAILABLE.  Plans are progressing for an update of the website to better accommodate web ads.  Thanks for understanding. ***

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