5 Reasons Older Men Hire Escorts

Peter Minkoff

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Hooking up for members of the LGBTQ+ community used to very easy (and more many members it still is) however, today we can see a shift happening. There are more and more gay men who are unsure of their sexuality, who are struggling to find the right people for meaningful relationships, or who don’t have time for dating and casual hookups. So, hiring an escort is highly popular, especially among the more mature audience. What exactly older gay men find in escorts?

Older men don’t have time for dating

One of the most obvious reasons why mature gay men turn to escorts is time management. Older men usually have businesses to run or demanding jobs to cater to, so their hectic schedules and daily chores don’t allow them to fully commit to the dating scene. Of course, those who don’t really care about the personality of their date or are not concerned with safety can always turn to Grindr and find someone to come over for a casual meeting.

However, more experienced guys know that finding the right match on short notice can be difficult, especially if you don’t have time to text and set everything up. Meeting someone on apps sometimes also involves safety and privacy issues which can be tricky for serious senior businessmen who probably value their privacy and have zero interest in dating.

They need someone to help them express themselves

Unfortunately, many older gays are just now figuring out their sexuality and starting to explore gay dating and sex scene. So if a person wants to enjoy a safe and discrete environment to express themselves and their true emotions and discover their likes and dislikes, they can always turn to escorts. This offers a wonderful opportunity to learn about themselves from a member of the gay community with more experience without any consequences.

Older men want to experiment

Older queers are mostly tired of doggy and missionary and are more than ready to experiment. Those living in very liberal places like the U.S. or Australia have a lot of choices when it comes to spicing up their sex life. For instance, you can introduce some sex toys to your play sessions to broaden your horizons. Or you can set up a meeting with escorts in Sydney to introduce you to a whole new world of pleasure. Professional escorts have a lot of experience they can share with you and even teach an old horndog some new tricks.

Older men know what they like

Even older and experienced gays are sometimes shy when discussing what they like during sex, despite knowing exactly what they want (they had time to figure that out). To completely satisfy your wants in bed, you need to be open about your needs and that’s where an escort comes in. By hiring a male escort, you can set up a session and explain in advance what you want from your encounter. You can be as precise as you want and all your needs will be met without having to beat around the bush.

They want to satisfy their fetishes

As we get older and more experienced, fetishes get harder to control—and why should they be controlled! But, satisfying fetishes and kinks can be hard, especially with some more obscure ones not all older couples like to try or random Grindr men want to engage in. For example, if you want a voyeur experience in a safe and legal way, you can hire an escort and watch them or be watched by them without any issues. There are other fetishes like BDSM, foot fetish or domination that can all be safely practiced with a professional. After all, fetishes are a normal part of a sexual experience and they can immensely improve your stale sex life. 

For all the above-mentioned reasons, older gay men are choosing escort services when feeling lonely and unfulfilled. Older gays understand that there’s time for dating and there’s time for a quick ruble in the sheets with someone who knows what they’re doing, and youngsters all need to commend them on their confidence and bravery.

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  1. A lot of older queers also don’t always live in big cities where a person’s sexualuty is not questioned and there are few if any avenues to meet closeted queers, so why not take a chance
    and enjoy yourself. I would be more worried about the intention of the excort himself unfortunately hiring an escort has some serious drawbacks

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