Yet Again… When Will It End?

Jim Koury Editor/Publisher

Once again the nation mourns the loss of life at the hands of gun violence and an individual who harbored an unspeakable hate in his heart for some of his fellow human beings. We stand together with heavy hearts and remember those who died in Orlando – 50 LGBT individuals enjoying each other’s company and celebrating the beginning of pride month in a place that should have been a safe haven for them. As I write this tears are welling up in my eyes with the knowledge that these 50 people did not make it home from what should have been a fun night out on the town, with family and friends now mourning an irreplaceable void in their lives due to the hateful vengeance of an idealist who was unable to accept others for what they were.

When will it end? When will our elected officials awaken to the realization that something must be done to curb this incessant and numbing news that happens now with such unacceptable frequency. How many more lives will be lost before we say enough?

Hate knows no boundaries. It does not limit itself to those in big cities, as what happened in Orlando could very well happen here in quiet, sedate Oneonta, New York, or any other place in the country for that matter.

While we must be vigilant and stand guard against those who wish to do us harm, we must also not cower in fear. We must go about our lives and do whatever we can to try to stem the rages of hate and those that harbor it deep within the dark recesses of their hearts and minds.

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