Who Will be 2022’s Master Bator?

The following article was written by Kenny Costello.

May is masturbation month! To celebrate, BateWorld, the largest online community of masturbators, is hosting The Great BateWorld BateOff!, a reality-type show featuring six handsome devils competing in six weekly challenges to determine this year’s, Master Bator. Sponsored by Cybersocket, the men are competing in weekly challenges like “morning wood”, “bating with food”, “self-milking”, “favorite bate toys”, and the “hands-free orgasm.” Episodes are free to watch every Friday on BateWorld.com. The final winner will be revealed during the finale, streamed live on June 17.

Among the men competing in The Great BateWorld BateOff! is ProudBator. We spoke with him from his New Zealand home.


What is the difference between a bater and a bator?

ProudBator: This is how I see it: a bater is a casual masturbator. He enjoys wanking off along with other sexual activities. The word bater is more connected to the act itself: to masturbate. For a bator, masturbation is their number one choice when it comes to sexual pleasure. He does it either alone or with others. Bator is a short version of masturbator, the person. To me, calling someone a bator says everything about them and what they stand for.

Is that why you’re a ProudBator with the or?

ProudBator: Yes! I chose my online name in the early 2000s at a time when the act was still stigmatized and ridiculed. It was a no-brainer for me to add the word proud to the name.

Why do some people associate shame with masturbating?

ProudBator: I think some people perceive masturbation as something losers with a lack of talent in the bedroom do. That it is a means of sexual relief when there is no other option. That is so far from the truth!

Is there a difference between masturbating with bators in person and masturbating with them online?

ProudBator: I certainly think there is a difference but again, it’s a very personal choice. Some people feel like having an online bate buddy is a lot less demanding than an in-person experience. In person, though, you have all of the elements at your disposal: the smells, the chemistry, the exchange of fluids. Online can sometimes be a one-dimensional experience that needs to be carefully negotiated either with words or gestures to make it work. Both, however, can be extremely satisfying when experienced with the right people. I have had great experiences in both scenarios. Communication is the key to whichever way you masturbate with others.

How would you describe the thrill of masturbating with bros?

ProudBator: For me, masturbating is always a huge thrill. I look forward to online and in-person sessions and enjoy every second of them! It’s fun to organize a bate session. I like negotiating on a new theme or subject to explore.

Have you masturbated with any of the guys you are competing with within The Great BateWorld BateOff!?

ProudBator: We haven’t crossed paths yet but who knows, maybe one day? All of them seem to have something very unique and I look forward to seeing what they can do in this competition.

What led to your decision to compete in The Great BateWorld BateOff!

ProudBator: As soon as I heard about it, I submitted my application! Man, this is the stuff that is changing masturbation forever. I’m excited to be a part of it!

What would winning the title of Master Bator mean to you?

ProudBator: It would mean the world! We, Bators, had a rocky start in the early 2000s. We were laughed at online and made to feel like freaks. It’s been an incredible journey of acceptance to where we are now and winning a competition on masturbation would be amazing. Of course, I won’t be mad if I don’t win. I’m already a winner just for being part of this historical event.

What is something readers would be surprised to know about you?

ProudBator: I’m an excellent cook! I make the best roast meals on the planet, with gravy, and from scratch. I can bake awesome bread too. I have a greenhouse full of incredible spices, salads, and vegetables which I tend to daily.

Do you have a secret talent?

ProudBator: I can build furniture.

What would a film of your life be called?

ProudBator: (Laughing) I don’t know? Serendipity, maybe? It’s corny but accurate! Who knew when I first stood up for myself and my masturbation beliefs that this would become a real subculture online?

Who would star as you in the film?

ProudBator: I see a lot of myself in Daniel Radcliffe. We have similar personality traits. He could easily play my character and nail it to perfection.

Which celebrity would you most like to slide into your DMs?

ProudBator: Tom Hardy. What an incredibly sexy dude!

What makes you smile?

ProudBator: Happy animals.

What makes you angry?

ProudBator: Fake fame; people who buy their online followers.

Who are your heroes?

ProudBator: Animal rescuers.

You find a magic genie bottle. What are your three wishes?

ProudBator: To have my own bater ranch somewhere private, with well-organized events for people like me. My other two wishes would be a permanent fix for poverty and the end of all wars.

You’re about to be hit by a truck (sorry). What flashes before your eyes?

ProudBator: All the opportunities I had and threw away, but also the amazing life journey I have enjoyed.

What does your gravestone read?

ProudBator: Here lies a man who stood by his beliefs.

Tune into ProudBator competing in The Great BateWorld BateOff! It is free and open to all men over 18 at BateWorld.com.

Follow on Twitter @BateWorld and Instagram @bateworld_official.

For more information about the Bateoff, click HERE!

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