By Tarringo Vaughn
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vaughnTarringo T. Vaughan always believed he had a love affair with literature.  One of the first pictures he saw of himself was of him at maybe the age of three or four year’s old sitting with a book in his hand.

Future plans include a publishing company as well as actual an actual café for writers and spoken word nights.  His writing consists of many styles as he does like neglecting rules and going beyond the norm.  He is the founder of the Flexwriters Creative Network (http://www.flexwriterscreativenetwork.net)

I am everything I have been afraid to be
I am every sight that the witness of my core
has been afraid to see
because I have embraced every aspect of weakness
that has formed the internal strength within me.

I am the scar that has been stabbed into a relentless silence
and left to bleed;
left to bleed the tears of unworthiness that still
lays witness on my skin as a scab that no longer festers,
a tattoo that showcases the healing of my voice.
I am the prisoner who was once locked down behind an inescapable
cage of inner rage chained
by my own outrage of shackled ugliness
until I released myself through the keys of reflection
recognized as my own beauty.
I am the soldier who was once caught in the crossfire
between ignorance and prejudice left for dead
until I stabilized the lifeline of my identity
and lifted my head.

I am the little boy who never dreamed;
bullied by fear and taught to believe that no one cared
but I overcame and learned that even I
could be victory.
I am the warrior who has had the strength to stand stronger
punch harder
and fight longer each time life knocked
me down on an unbalanced ground
meant to break every bone of my ambition.

I never gave up when the sky fell
and drenched me with a darkness that challenged
to captured my fate
and I never wilted when the hands of time
stopped and had me structured on an overlapping wall
of sadness.
I refused to allow the heart to surrender
because I am the bravery that echoes
through alleyways of championed growth

I am the desire that marches through the streets
as a parade of success,
I am the mission that has conquered
and withstood the distance within the evolution of hope
as in my eyes you see a dedication to overcome.

I am everything I could not be
I am every force that has made me un/break/able
I am me.

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