Turn The Other Cheek

We always hear people say phrases such as “love your enemies,” or “turn the other cheek.”  When I hear things like this my first reaction is “they are nuts!”  Why should I love someone who seeks to do harm to me or allow someone to cast aspersions toward me and not say anything?  I find it very difficult to subscribe to this line of thinking but when you think about it, if what one believes is true, the universe will ultimately bring forth that truth and manifest it upon society.
The universe will attract the energy that is being emitted from an individual and deliver what the focus of that energy is.  It is a truth that has been proven time and time again.  You are what you think.  You receive what you ask for, whether good or bad.  So why not try to emit good thoughts and emotions in order to facilitate the return of the same? 
Being the gay activist that I am, I have a tendency to focus on what our detractors say and the many despicable things they do in the name of religion or whatever it is that they adhere to.  The most visible case in point is the Westboro Baptist Church.  How can one listen to their horrific ranting and watch them protest funerals and not want to bring harm to them?  I know I want to reach into the TV or the computer and zap them down.  I find myself saying, “oh if murder was only legal!”
But then I remind myself that they are committed to what they believe.  Despite how vile and atrocious they are they do have a right to say what they want, when they want.  It is a stretch to love them and turn the other cheek.  But we must.  We must hold tight to our truth of equality and justice for all, and focus on that instead of the negative that is emitted when one thinks of organizations like the Westboro Baptist Church.  
The truth will prevail.  We see each day more and more acceptance of LGBTQ individuals.  Most recently, new polls show that a majority of Americans for the first time support gay marriage.  We must continue to hold tightly to our belief that equality will be won.  It shall be so if we focus on what is good and just instead of the repulsive ranting of narrow minded people.

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