Trust is a concept that is discussed quite often.  Usually we hear about trust in a negative manner; generally when someone breaks a trust with another person.  Depending on the topic held in trust, the breach can take a very long time to heal.  Sometimes it never does.  There is always a hesitation to fully trust someone again that did not honor the request to keep something in confidence or when someone you think is an ally, turns on you and says or does something to you that just makes you stand back and say “wow, I never expected that from them.”
When a trust is broken, it feels like a knife was plunged into one’s back.  The pain and anguish that is felt can be horrific and sometimes compels people to make a decision to move forward away from the situation which caused the breach in the first place.  While mistrust of someone or something can be very taxing on one’s psyche, it also provides the proverbial silver lining in that it motivates one to seek trust elsewhere or at least keep those who broke the bond of trust at an arm’s length.
Trust is something that should be cherished.  When found hang on to it tightly.  Everyone needs to find someone or something they can trust.  It can be a reliable constant and comfort in a world of backstabbers and two-faced hypocrisy.
 In terms of the LGBT community, one of the most serious breaches of trust occurs when someone tells another that they are LGBT and expects that to be held in confidence.  It is crushing to discover that the secret has been let out by the one you trusted to confide in.  When one is just discovering their sexuality and trying to find people that they can trust, having someone dishonor the request to maintain the confidence can be a devastating blow.  It sometimes even causes the person who wants to come out to go further into themselves; back into the security of their dark closet.
If you confide in someone about your sexuality and the secret is not honored, always remember the “silver lining.”  While a breach in trust can be disconcerting, it was meant to happen.  It is the universe’s way of getting you to look inside yourself and make decisions that you might not have otherwise made.  It is the impetus to move on and become who you were meant to truly be. 

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