Sans Clothing – A Little Screaming This Time

This is my first negative Sans Clothing column!

Stu Schwartz

I’ve been writing ‘Sans Clothing’ since April 2021 and I’ve always tried to be upbeat, pleasant, positive, etc. Well, not this month. Frankly, I’m pissed off about several things and I’m going to subject all of you to my first negative column. I’d love to get your reactions and suggestions regarding the issues I’m about to scream about–that would be good therapy. My email is Thank you.

ONE: My book, Lights On-Clothing Off: Confessions of an Unabashed Exhibitionist, has become a major headache. Being told by the publisher what I can and can’t write, blatant censorship, (which I’ve addressed in previous columns) is what many of my artist friends have faced when their work has been rejected. I’ve decided to simply do my own thing to make my writing path one I’ve cleared. That I’ve created. That works for me and for those who want to read my stuff. And the big thing—it curtails censorship. My writing path is now devoid of external forces as I’ve decided to offer the book for free—yes for FREE. The link for the book is at the bottom of each page on my website, Now my headache is subsiding.

TWO: Here’s the headline from the ‘Times of San Diego’—” Last nudist resort in San Diego County going ‘textile’: Clothing soon mandatory.” De Anza Springs Resort, which has been a lovely local nudist resort for more than three decades, is now requiring that members and guests stay covered. The reported reason for this change is budgetary issues. I feel sorry for people who have bought or leased sites or for those who have purchased long-term club memberships. It’s sad to lose this naked option in our area. (Fortunately, we still have Blacks’ Beach, one of the best nudist beaches in the world.)

THREE: As those of you who have been reading my column know I’ve worked as a professional patient for years. My role has been to teach medical students, nurse practitioners, and navy corpsmen how to do the ‘male exam’ which has included the examination of my genitals and prostate. That work has been quickly disappearing and students are now practicing on patients in hospitals (with their permission and sometimes with a small payment) and on plastic life-like replicas of both body areas. I loved the work and the money. And having to be naked for the groups of students. Oh well, so it goes.

FOUR: Censorship on Facebook and Instagram appears to have accelerated during the past few years and it seems worse now. Every time I go to post an image on either site I have to think—is this going to get me thrown into their ‘jail’ and that I’ll lose the use of this social media for a day, or a month, or forever? Also, I’m the administrator of a Facebook group (now called a community) called Pit Stop for Men. (The group is for those men who like armpits.) As a volunteer, I need to ‘approve’ all of the posts from our members to help ensure that our group isn’t deleted due to what their censors may determine to be inappropriate images and content. Censorship again!

FIVE: I lived in Florida for thirty years. What in the world is going on there? The state is now telling schools and colleges what they may or may not teach. I’m guessing that the new state motto is “Don’t Say Gay.” Disney World has been the target of the state’s wrath since they are supportive and respectful of queer people. I was part of a group that many years ago initiated the first Gay Pride events in Gainesville FL and I loved living there. But now, thankfully my husband and I live in San Diego.

SIX: SEVEN: EIGHT: NINE: etc. I could go on and on but that’s not what my original goals were when I began writing a column for magazines. I set out to be positive and pleasant but I know I didn’t maintain those goals this month. Please forgive me but writing this has been cathartic for me. I’ve said enough. I feel a bit better by writing all of this and sharing it with you.

As I mentioned earlier please shoot me an email with your thoughts on any of these issues. Or others. If I refer to your comments in future columns I will not use your name without your written consent. Thanks for reading all of this negative stuff. Stu Email: Instagram@stuinsd. Twitter@rock06uk.

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