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Stu Schwartz

Stu, a retired professor, taught human diversity courses for 30 years. His first college job, in 1964, was posing naked for art and photo classes— he still poses part-time! “Lights On—Clothes Off” ‘Confessions of an
Unabashed Exhibitionist’ is his first novel.

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Based on the emails I’ve received it’s clear that several of you liked the questions posed to me and my responses last month. Thank you! And a few of you requested nude photos of me. I’m happy to send those—just ask. For this month’s column, I’m sharing excerpts from my novel, Lights On-Clothes Off.” I look forward to your comments.

From Chapter One of Lights On-Clothes Off:” I’m guessing that everyone gathered in to closely watch as the Mohel from the local synagogue opened my clean white diaper and displayed my little uncut penis. Then, with all eyes on me, well really on my penis, he did his thing. I’m sure, just like at every bris, as soon as I was circumcised the Mohel chanted the required prayers and announced my being.

“May Mr. Edward Gerald Saul live a long, healthy, and productive life. And may God protect and bring blessings to the entire Saul family.” Then he chanted the blessing over wine. Baruch atah, Adonai, Eloheinu, Melech haolam, borei p’ri hagafen. With their glasses of Mogen David raised, everyone shouted “mazel tov.”

Wow, I was only a few days old and family and friends were seeing me naked and they were cheering for me. I probably cried but I’m sure I got over it quickly. I like that I was a good little Jewish boy who was naked for everyone to see and appreciate. It was my first time being on display and I don’t recall a thing. I didn’t start remembering the pleasures of exhibitionism and my related life experiences until I was four years old.

From Chapter Two: I was going to be the New Year’s Baby at the end of the show my parents were in and I would have to wear a baby diaper! On stage. In front of everyone. I was not a baby! I protested and cried so much they relented and said I could wear underwear instead of a diaper.

We walked to the center of the dark stage. Mom and Dad, dressed to look much older, were holding my hands. I stood there wearing my little white underwear and a sash with ‘1950’ on it. I wiped off my tears and tried to smile as Mom and Dad told me to. I could hear people singing in front of the curtain and then lots of applause.

Mom leaned over and whispered, “OK, we are next, here we go. Be brave and Edward, be sure to smile.”

One of the men who worked at the theatre walked over to that long thick rope and started to pull down on it. I knew that the huge dark curtain, that was hiding me from all the people sitting out there, was going to slowly open. Grand music, that I would hear at every new year’s celebration for the rest of my life, blasted out of the speakers. To this day “Auld Lang Syne” stirs memories of an event that helped start it all.

I watched the ruffled curtain slowly making its way up to the ceiling. All I could see were bright lights. Then I saw what seemed like thousands of people staring right at me. Fear and embarrassment took over. They were all cheering and applauding for the New Year’s Baby….me….me just wearing tiny white underwear and being held by my parents’ hands. We bowed while everyone clapped.

We were the finale of the annual holiday musical show and I was the star. They weren’t cheering for my parents who were dressed as Father Time and Mother Nature. I was sure that they were applauding me. Everyone was looking at my almost naked body and loving what they saw. A warm fuzzy feeling made me know that seeing me undressed was why everyone was standing and applauding. There were no tears from me. Mom looked down and saw that I was happy. She smiled and gave my hand an intense and loving squeeze. I’d love to hear from you. My book is all about nudity, exhibitionism, and voyeurism. If these are issues you’d like to discuss with me shoot me an email. I always reply to readers’ emails.

Lights On-Clothes Off

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