Sans Clothing

Stu Schwartz

Stu is a retired university professor who taught and researched human diversity issues for more than 30 years. His first college job, in 1964, was posing naked for art classes— he still poses part-time. He was a successful author of college textbooks. “Lights On—Clothes Off” ‘Confessions of an Unabashed Exhibitionist’ is his first novel. Stu welcomes comments and questions related to his column or book. His email:

My friends know that I’ve been posing nude for art and photo classes for years. Their comments have mostly been positive. The friends who have intrigued me stated they were jealous; they wish they’ve had the experience of being naked in front of a group or in public. But they were either too afraid, or they didn’t know ways to accomplish this.

For those who want to get naked for an audience, here are some suggestions. Before you give one a try, keep in mind that you must be careful not to break any laws. And might capture you by a cell phone and your picture may end up on social media. There, you have been warned.

Here are eight fun ways to get naked with lots of eyes on you. And yes, I’ve done all of these!

  1. Head to a nudist beach. An online search will help you find one nearby. My favorites include Blacks Beach in San Diego (a twenty minute drive for us), Hippie Hollow in Austin and Haulover Beach in Miami. When you travel internationally you’ll easily find beaches or parks where nudity is common. Undress, stretch out on the sand and enjoy yourself.
  2. Contact your local college art department. They often need nude models for drawing, painting, sculpture and sometimes for photography. As a first timer I suggest meeting with the instructor in advance to get posing suggestions. Holding a position for ten or twenty minutes can be difficult so start with simple poses.
  3. Play strip poker with your friends—and cheat. Set yourself up to be the loser (meaning winner) by discarding those good cards. Be sure to grumble about your lousy hands so no one catches on to your ploy. (I apologize to my friends for my past cheating.)
  4. Visit a nudist resort. You can typically purchase a day pass but sometimes they turn away singles—check their policy before you go. An online search will give you options in your area. You’ll see all ages and body types at the resorts. What to bring? A towel to sit on and sunscreen. Be ready to play volleyball! And then cool off in their outdoor showers. Take your time soaping up while being watched.
  5. Offer your services as a naked waiter. Tell your friends about your new gig or advertise online. The hosts and guests will appreciate your help and enjoy looking at all of you. You may get an innocent quick pat or grope—handle those with a smile.
  6. Head to San Francisco where in some areas being naked in public is allowed. Check for the latest local nudity laws as they seem to change often. I was not the only one showing his stuff during my stroll from Market Street up Castro Street. It was fun posing for some of the tourists—most of them asked first and of course I said, “Yes, take all the photos you want.” Remember to bring a bag for your clothing and valuables.
  7. If there’s a teaching hospital or school that trains medical students, nurse practitioners or physician assistants near you, give them a call. They hire professional patients as subjects for their classes. You will be thoroughly examined and probed. Yep, down there and in there. The pay for this is typically high!
  8. Bring your towel with you when you are in your health club’s steam room or sauna. What’s that towel for? To sit on. Don’t wrap yourself in the towel and don’t tie it around your waist. Offer the others an unobstructed view of your sweaty naked body. They will enjoy your show.

Be brave. Try some of these. Display yourself. I predict that you’ll enjoy all of those eyes on you! Let me know how your venture into public nudity goes.

Your comments regarding my column or any topic related to “Sans Clothing” are welcomed. And check out my novel: “Lights On—Clothes Off” ‘Confessions of an Unabashed Exhibitionist.’

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