Resolve to Embrace Change

By Jim Koury, Editor, Diversity Rules Magazine
© 2011 Diversity Rules Magazine.  All rights reserved.

jimsexyIt is certainly hard to believe that another year has passed.  A new year awaits us and only the universe knows what it shall bring.

As I reflect upon this past year, all in all it has been a great one.  Personally, it has been a very gratifying year, albeit intertwined with stressful moments caused by my failure to live in the now and be one with the power of the universe.  However, we are only human, and moments of self-doubt are inevitable but as long as we remain focused on the true meaning of our lives and what makes us happy, those moments are eventually drowned out of our consciousness.

The highlight of my year has nothing to do with politics, socio-economic equity or professional advancement.  It has everything to do however, with my personal journey of self discovery.  This past year I have delved into my inner psyche more deeply than I have ever before and have become more intimately acquainted with who Jim Koury really is.  Some of the things I discovered were not pleasant ones but we all must face those things that are buried deep within ourselves in order to move forward.

Self evolution is directly related to the degree one embraces change.  The intensity of one’s desire to foster change will determine the degree to which that change will occur.  How willing one is to change their personal situations will determine how quickly one discovers the true essence of who they are.

I have always embraced change.  I seek it, yet I fear it at the same time.  However, we must overcome our fear of change and step out of our comfort zones.  Comfort zones are made to restrain us from achieving great things.  Look inside yourself and ask what is it that you are comfortable with that is holding you back.  Create discomfort and jettison yourself to a higher and different level of comfort.

In 2012, resolve to look inside yourselves.  Strip back the veneer of fear and begin to reconstruct your internal thought patterns.  Intensify your desire to become a better person; the real you!  Resolve to be proud of who you are and express your true self and forge ahead with your lives without the entrapment of your closet, your fears and insecurities.  Make your mark on society as the person you truly were born to be.

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