Personal Oblivion

By Jim Koury, Editor/Publisher, Diversity Rules Magazine
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January_14We are born innocent children untouched by the many biases of life and the influences of others’ thoughts, actions and persuasion.  There is a blank slate upon which to transcribe what life we will have and how we shall face the many trials and tribulations that shall be cast in our path.  Many people react differently to these influences and how they overcome obstacles placed in their way.

One reaction and what is really the premise of life that is common to all of us is our of sphere of “personal oblivion” – our self-constructed safety areas.  We all develop our own individual mechanisms for dealing with our progression forward in this human form.  Unfortunately, our level of personal oblivion is influenced by the forces of bias and the others around us. The degree to which we nurture and keep alive the ability to freely think and to entertain other ideas of how our surrounding reality should be will determine how quickly one can escape their self-constructed personal oblivion.

Where to begin to describe my sphere of personal oblivion!  It is a vast area, not unlike the areas of most other people.  I look back upon this rather dismal time of my life – a time which I was busily yet unknowingly constructing my personal oblivion.  I was aggressively being intertwined with what would shape my destiny for the first 1/3 of my life and still to this day has a grip, yet greatly loosened, on my current existence.

Being a gay male you can surely imagine that my sexual evolution would certainly be of overriding influence in the development of my personal oblivion.  In terms of my orientation, I was living a life fabricated to suit those those around me and to satisfy society’s demands that I internally did not hold as truth or that matched my perception of what my reality should be. I was a gay male living in a society that overtly persecuted and reviled gay and transgender men and women and all the others within this vast rainbow tent of ours.

The other force was my inherent spirituality.  My connection to a greater power influenced me less directly and in much more subtle terms but it was ever present.  I was raised in an organized religious environment and was taught all the man made perversions promulgated upon society based on the perceptions and beliefs of a conservative and rather discriminatory hierarchy. I never really felt comfortable participating in the endless repetitive exercises to find the doorway to heaven. But I diligently and faithfully did it because I knew no other level of consciousness existed outside my personal oblivion.  Being able to fully recognize the importance of that spirituality was obfuscated by the clouds of my personal oblivion

It is the moment that we realize we no longer wish to live by the fabricated rules forced upon us by others that we begin to embark on our journey to find our escape from our personal oblivion.  We begin to perceive our realities differently and begin to question the influences on our lives and whether they are the best ones available of which to partake.

When this moment of enlightenment occurs – the moment where one declares that they will write their own music to life – the escape hatch from our personal oblivion is breached.  Once breached, the seal to our personal oblivion can never be repaired.  Once our paths of enlightenment begin we are no longer able to reconcile the many contradictory components of our lives with a false connection to what was told to us as being the truth.

At this point our individual truth begins to take over.  It slowly and incrementally puts to death the person that thrived in our personal oblivion but can no longer maintain its grip on our wheel of life once the seal to our safety area has been broken.

We spend years within our personal oblivion trying to find the answers to life’s questions.  The true answers can never be found in a fabricated world based on false assumptions.  Life’s answers lay outside the confines of our personal oblivion.  The answers to our own unique lives can only be found within the realm of who we truly are and not within the gray, shaded area of our personal oblivion shaped by others’ perceptions of us and the dictates of society.

Rather than lament the loss of the safely of our personal oblivion we need to rejoice and express our gratitude to the universe that we awakened to a new reality.  Do not fear the possibilities.  Do not foreclose new methods of doing things or other ways of analyzing a situation.  Embrace the power that is within yourselves and outside the confines of your personal oblivion.  Let it induce the changes needed in your life that will move you forward to new heights unimaginable while under the influence of our personal oblivion.

Within us all is a road map that will bring us to the pinnacle of who we should be.  It is up to us to awaken to the knowledge that the map exists and decide to reach within to find it.  The true person inside us all is awaiting our action to put into motion the steps identified in each of our road maps which will allow it to coalesce and thrive and become the predominant force in our life.


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