Overactive Ego

Life is complicated!  We all know this, as we experience drama every day in some form or fashion, whether it is at work or in our personal lives.  We learn to cope with it all the best we can and just hope tomorrow will be better.
As a LGBT individual, life’s complications are just compounded, since living our lives as we truly are can be challenging, especially in light of society’s bigotry and homophobia.  We like to think that we can nestle back into the comfort of the LGBT community that understands us and accepts as we are.  However, this is not always the case.
As in the straight world, there are those within the LGBT community that insist on tearing others down, belittling them and making them feel inferior to other LGBT individuals.  Why this is so is beyond me, since one would think that all members of a minority that are discriminated against would seek to comfort and assist those within their community.  Ego, power and the desire to better oneself at the expense of someone else runs rampant within the LGBT community, as it does within society generally.
I know while I was publishing Diversity Rules Magazine, I experienced something similar from another magazine publisher.  Since we both were in the same field trying to help advance the overall equality and dignity of the LGBT community, I did not expect to be attacked and mocked by this other individual in his publication not just once but on a number of occasions.
While I understand there is going to be some rivalry and competition, I was not expecting the level and intensity of the attack that I received.  I assumed, clearly wrongly, that we could work together and be a unified voice in furthering LGBT equality, since both our publications were distinctly different and unique.  The animosity exuded by this person permanently placed a veil of mistrust and apprehension between us.  Sad, yes, but true and it is the reality of our community.
Being petty and mean due to an overactive ego will not further our cause but only provide a wedge that our detractors can use to try to divide us.  Do not fall victim to ego.  Be stronger and take the high road.  Be part of the solution and not part of the problem!

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