By Parker Austin
Columnist for Diversity Rules Magazine
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parker_austinLost in the turning, and tossing of life, Parker grew up moving from one place to another; never really knowing where to call home.  The views always changed as did the people he knew and saw everyday.  Taking photos was a way to hold on to certain parts of his life that always seemed to be changing, a way to capture those brief moments in his life.

It wasn’t until he was living in South Korea and started working as a model that he began to take photography seriously.  Soon  he realized that his true passion was being the one behind the lens.  Creating the images that ran through his mind.  He soon picked up a camera and started shooting anything around him from the beautiful landscapes to the gritty street images that he would see everyday.  He soon found his love for fashion, portrait and commercial photography was what he wanted to spend the rest of his life doing.

He moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream and within a few months he began shooting for The Discovery Channel, modeling agencies, and clothing designers.  After awhile he decided he wanted to do more with his life, to make a difference with his work. With his unique way of merging art and emotion together to create powerful and memorable images he found a way to make that difference when he created the MyAcceptance Project. is an ongoing photo essay project that documents members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bi, and Transgender community by creating two photos.  The first one represents how they felt growing up and the second shows how they feel now.  Each set of photos is accompanied by a deeply personal story written by the subject as they discuss their journey towards hope and self-acceptance.’s goal is to give hope to those out there that are struggling in their lives, those who feel like they’re alone and that there’s no one to turn to. is a place that people can visit to read or share stories about how people learned to accept themselves and how they became comfortable with who they really are. wants to create a place that people can come to share their stories and experiences in life so that others can learn from them.  A place where people can come for ideas about how to make their life better.  What worked for one person might work for another.  MyAcceptance hopes to become  a place where people can be free to talk about the issues they face as a member of the LGBTQIA community.  Where they can share their hopes, dreams and goals.

Photo shoots are completely free. Thre is no charge for anything because that wouldn’t be fair to those that want to participate but couldn’t afford it.  Parker is interested in documenting everyone’s story.  Because there is no charge all funding comes from people who believe in this project and want to see it succeed, people like YOU.  The photo shoots can be expensive, without funding we can’t pay for any of the equipment, studio time, props, etc. so please take a moment and donate what ever you can.  Your donation means more than you think.

Parker also does speaking engagements about this project and the importance of self-acceptance.

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