My Two Cents

JRK_thumbWelcome to the December issue of Diversity Rules Magazine and the Editor’s Message – My Two Cents. Where has the year gone! I sincerely hope it has been a great year for you all, and that the impending New Year is even better!

This month I opted to not carry a feature interview. Instead I wanted to take a look back at where Diversity Rules Magazine started and what it has evolved into. That evolution has brought the publication to a place that I am comfortable with for the most part. However, there is always room for improvement!

2015 brought some great changes and progress forward on the gay rights front with the most visible change being the Supreme Court decision legalizing same sex marriage throughout the nation.  What an exciting day that was and one I, as well as many others, shall never forget!

In addition to a look back and a peek forward in this issue, I also wanted to provide some insight into the threatening e-mail I received back in 2009. A homophobe shrouded in anonymity threatened physical harm to me if I did not stop publishing Diversity Rules Magazine. Anyone that knows me is well aware that things like this don’t scare me but only prod me on to face the threat head on.  I consider this a defining moment in the evolution of Diversity Rules Magazine and one which cemented my resolve in never discontinuing the magazine.

We have a long way to go yet before true and unequivocal equality is secured. However as our African American compatriots know full well that takes time despite comprehensive Civil Rights Legislation granting equal rights.

We shall forge ahead and continue the battle. Our resolve will be unyielding and never again shall we be forced to endure lives hidden if we so choose not to.

Rock on and stay the course!

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