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By Jim Koury, Editor/Publisher, Diversity Rules Magazine
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JRK (75 x 75)Welcome to the November issue of Diversity Rules Magazine.  The year is flying by and it’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner!  WOW!

I would like to welcome Margaret Singer to the pages of Diversity Rules.  She comes to us compliments of the fine folks at Project Publicity.

Margaret is the co-creator of THE 3 Bits, an interesting story of three siblings, one of which, Roman, is played by Margaret herself.  The characters are a mix of reality and fiction, interwoven together to create a story that will surely captivate your attention.

This month’s issue brings with it some new additions to the Diversity Rules writing family.  Jase Simpson reflects on God and spirituality in his “You are Not Alone” column.  Jase writes that we all have a purpose in life and we do not walk our paths alone, as there is always a force of spirit that is with us; guiding us and helping us along the way.

Diversity Rules is honored to welcome Adrian Shanker, the current President of Equality Pennsylvania, a 60,000-member statewide LGBT advocacy organization in Pennsylvania. Adrian was one of 6 LGBTQ individuals chosen to speak at the March on Washington.  He reflects up on the March and what it means for the movement going forward.

I want to also welcome Dan Skinner as well.  He is a wonderful photographer who captures stellar images on camera.  Diversity Rules is honored to feature some of his work.

In addition to the newcomers, the regular contributors to each issue have wonderful insights to offer.  There is, as usual, something for everyone!

May peace and love prevail in your lives.


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