Key Signs Your Loved One May Be an Alcoholic

Key Signs Your Loved One May Be an Alcoholic

There is very little as serious as someone who struggles with alcoholism, as it can disrupt the life of the person and everyone around them. But the first step is identifying that there’s a problem and moving on to the next step. If you’re worried about a loved one, watch for these signs that can indicate a possible problem with alcohol abuse.

Irrational Moods

Drinking is a way to suppress your emotions, but it can get intense when someone struggles with alcoholism. A drinking problem can be stressful, and navigating life while dealing with alcoholism can make someone irritable and irrational. If you notice that they quickly get angry from stress and always seem to go to drink to deal with it, it can be a sign of alcohol abuse.

Hiding Alcohol

Someone who has an issue with drinking may try to hide how much they drink out of a feeling of guilt or worry. If you catch them hiding empty bottles or sneaking drinks behind your back, then you may have a reason for concern. Additionally, if you notice them frequently trying to bring alcohol when the event or location disallows alcohol, that can also be a sign.

Only Going Out When There’s Drinking

This requires good focus and noticing a long-term pattern. If you see that the individual only wants to go out if it includes drinks, that can be a sign of possible alcohol addiction. This means that they resist going out if there are no drinks since the withdrawal symptoms can be quite intense. They may also try to bring alcohol or alter the event so it includes alcohol.

Frequent Absences

When someone has a problem with drinking, it starts to interfere with the rest of their lives. Dodging social events or other activities as they don’t want to deal with it and would rather drink is a common sign of an issue. Drinking also impedes decision-making, so they may make poor decisions simultaneously. If you determine they need help with a drinking issue, you should learn how to support someone overcoming alcoholism.

These are just a few signs you can look for when you worry that your loved one struggles with alcoholism. This is a difficult time, and there’s not much you can do other than look for the signs, but you can always reach out to support groups that focus on supporting the loved ones of people with alcohol addiction. They can help you navigate these trying times if you need help.

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