Keep Up Now – You are in Charge of the Universe

You are in charge of the Universe!  And the best part about being in charge is you get to change it up whenever you choose. You may not even realize you’re making choices that are manifesting your world, but I assure you… it’s all you!  
Let’s begin with thought. Thought manifests word… word manifests deed, deed manifests your reality.  Since you’re creating, remember “with great power, comes great responsibility”.   Creation is a double edged sword.  Peace, happiness and love can quickly turn to chaos and disaster.  
In order to direct your manifestations, first, you have to accept your creative power.  Next, you need to understand the laws of creation.  There are only two choices; love or fear.  Loving thoughts create a happy world; fear thoughts create an unhappy world.  Simple… not easy!  Forgiveness and gratitude will set you on the path to create your world from a place of love.  If you’re unsure; ask for help from your higher Source; it’s just a thought away.
Each morning I make a conscious decision to think happy thoughts!  I know I must maintain a loving state of mind because I KNOW I’m creating my world, and those nasty fear thoughts; guilt, lack, judgment; wreak havoc in my world!  Therefore, I CHOOSE to plug-in to my “feel good music” and begin my daily 2-3 mile walk/run.   My morning routine releases endorphins; boosting my self-assurance and my music reinforces optimistic thoughts.   When fear thoughts come creeping into my brain I just say “No”, and I remember; I am never alone!
I CHOOSE to create from a place of love because I know, firsthand, what it feels like to create from a place of fear… it’s AWFUL!   Actually, it’s a living hell.  I realize some of us; myself included, have to experience AWFUL before we understand we no longer want it!  But know; the alternative truly is heaven on earth.  Heaven or Hell, the choice is yours; it has been all along. 
Keep up Now ~ with the stream of higher consciousness and stay connected to the Source.  
”Your greatest efforts can’t break free of the confines of this world we’ve created.  It is but an illusion.  When we accept it for what it is, it will be no more.  We are light whose frequency is timeless; whose source is boundless and are ourselves open channels of creative force from which we shine.” – Rob Ludwig 

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