Keep Up Now – Relationships

There are times I feel like I’m moving backward instead of forward.  I think I should be feeling more secure in my position and making better choices regarding my relationships; suddenly I’m back at the starting block. Why do I keep making the same mistakes over and over again?
When life suddenly shifts gears, and I realize I have been mistaken about what I thought was true, I try to remember what I’ve learned about being Love and manifesting happiness through forgiveness and gratitude.  Sometimes, however, the dark nights arrive nonetheless and the experience brings me to my knees.  Ultimately, I surrender to the Holy Spirit and eventually I awaken, once again to my true self; Love.
When I pause to reevaluate my life situation, I realize that, although the scenarios appear to be repeating themselves, I’m making better choices and I am moving forward in my own personal growth and evolution; I’ve simply fallen short of my own expectations.  In other words, I’m being too hard on myself.   I could be enjoying the journey, loving myself for being brave enough to take chances for my happiness and for being true to myself.  Now is the time to smell the roses; enjoy and appreciate everything life places before me.  Even if… no, especially if, it feels uncomfortable and painful, because that is how the universe shows me I have made mistakes and this is my opportunity to make new choices… for happiness!
So often, we play is safe; taking the easy road instead of the path that makes our heart sing!  This will lead to self destruction; literally, we’re destroying our Self.  Eventually, we reach a boiling point or push our emotions deep down inside of us; where they slowly eat away at our soul like a cancer. 
Today, vow to be true to your Self!  Take a leap of faith, knowing if you follow your heart it will lead you to the place you need to be at this very moment. Don’t waste another day.  Happiness is your only function!
Keep up Now ~ with the stream of higher consciousness and stay connected to the Source.
 “We must not feel guilty for what we don’t see.  Truly the intent is life.  We take on as much as we can in the course of our evolution, so we see only that which we are ready to accept.” – Rob Ludwig

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