Keep Up Now – Healthy Mind

Did you vow to get in shape this New Year?  Promise to eat better, work out and exercise? Herein lies the problem; you still think you’re a body….  In truth, the body is simply the vehicle you use while you’re having this human experience.  The real solution lies in your mind!  
Apply everything you resolve to do for your body, to your mind.  Choose to “think” healthier, surround yourself with positive vibrations and feed your mind the nourishment it needs to grow healthy, strong and clear; you’ll manifest a healthier life and your body will conform.  
Resolution #1: Don’t allow junk to enter your mind!   This includes TV shows, movies, music and radio programs promoting fear; including the news.  These entertainment venues feed fear, and weaken your right mind.  Your mind is powerful beyond measure and designed for greatness.  Don’t allow it to be diluted and undermined. Surround yourself with nature; go for a walk or listen to inspirational music.  Watch only those programs that empower and inspire you.  Allow your brain to reconnect to the Source, become confident, creative and manifest genius.
Resolution #2:  Take charge and watch out for fear thoughts; anger, jealousy, resentment, guilt, anxiety; these are all red flags!  Be vigilant to choose love instead of fear.  Our minds constantly wander; usually into the gutter.  Put your “right” mind in command and stop the negative chatter in your head!
Resolution #3: Get yourself into a routine that encourages you to nourish your mind with healthy thoughts.  Surround yourself with positive people, join a meditation or study group.   Visit a bookstore; they’re loaded with great books and CDs to motivate and inspire.  Peruse the isles until the right one finds you!
There is a brilliant light that is You; acknowledge it an instant and you will realize your power. You are not a body; it is merely your vehicle.  Nourish your soul.  Manifest your reality, consciously, with every choice you make.  Take responsibility for your experience!  
If you choose fear, know you have an opportunity to choose again.  Remember; you can begin your life experience again at every moment; “now” is the only moment.  “Carpe Momento”!
Keep up Now ~ with the stream of higher consciousness and stay connected to the Source. 
“We are light whose frequency is timeless; whose source is boundless and are ourselves open channels of creative force from which we shine.” – Rob Ludwig

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