Keep Up Now – Divine Power

“Love goes with me wherever I go.” This is LESSON 41 in my A Course In Miracles workbook; a truth that has brought me great freedom and strength.  I can face the world with the knowledge there is nothing I cannot do.  I have joy in my heart and my words reflect the passion in my soul! 
Deep within you is everything that is perfect, ready to radiate through you and out into the world.  You can never be alone or deprived because the Source of all life goes with you wherever you go. In remembering this, fear disappears.
There is an untapped source of divine power you carry with you. It is powerful beyond measure, but unless you’re aware of it, you won’t know how to employ it, or even be aware of its presence.  How do you tap into that source of life energy?  How do you train your mind to look within, instead of searching outside of yourself?  Desire, awareness, vigilance, and determination!  You have to re-train your mind; retrain your thoughts. 
There have been days I woke with fear and dread in my heart.  Perhaps it was an unfamiliar place, a new client, or an event I was attending and not looking forward to.  Our ego mind takes over and begins the constant inner dialog feeding the fear, consuming you.  On those days, I look at the photo of my brother, clipped to the visor of my car and say “I need you bro ~ be here now”.  Instantly I am filled with Love.  It may be my brother’s face that invokes the love, but in truth, I am tapping into the higher source of energy that connects us all.  
There are many ways to tap into our one mind.  Some call it Love, the mind of God, the Universe, Buddha-mind; makes no difference, there is only One.   I call it Love.  I am never alone when I am filled with the power and strength of the Love that connects us all!
“Keep up Now ~ with the stream of higher consciousness and stay connected to the Source.” 
”This fear we fear; Illusions, they may comfort now.  Be not afraid; we will not fall. Life is but a leap of faith, itself the impact never felt, the fall from whence we once were One and now into oblivion.  This bond won’t break; our hearts are One.” – Rob Ludwig

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