Journey to Ibiza

A Book By Fire De Ville
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fire_devilleFire De Ville is a captivating new voice on the LGBT writing scene. Her love of freedom, coupled with her passionate concern for the environment as well as her dedication to the civil rights of the LGBT community, ignites her writing with her own signature fire.

As a child growing up in her native Lithuania, De Ville was born to write. She created her own bedtime tales, sharing them to the delight of her friends and family. Although she considered a career as a children’s book author, a lesbian awakening changed her life forever, and she embarked on creating this riveting trilogy. “To Love a Woman or Butterflies … Butterflies … Butterflies…” began the saga, which now continues through “Journey to Ibiza,” and wraps up in “Chasing Rainbows,” the third volume of the series.

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The steamy love story of Natalie and Victoria that started in “To Love a Woman or Butterflies … Butterflies … Butterflies…” evolves to tell the tale of Rita and Maggie in the second lesbian romance novel from author Fire De Ville, “Journey to Ibiza.”

Set amidst the intoxicating world of big city nightclubs and DJ rivalries, “Journey to Ibiza” begins with a chance encounter between Maggie, a struggling DJ, and Rita, a budding music producer, thanks to a partially hidden hat. The chance encounter soon evolves into a deep friendship, the discovery of a mutual attraction to music, and a “should she or shouldn’t she” take the plunge into a relationship at the risk of ruining the friendship. Along the way, there’s a seemingly magic coin, a stolen remix of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” matching yin and yang tattoos, and a cavalcade of characters with names like DJ Boobs, DJ Fat Cat Daddy, and a bitchy thieving DJ Jules.

Readers follow the cast of characters through the club scene of the city, during family parties and holidays, through numerous sexual encounters, along on a doomed DJ tour, and eventually to the sun-soaked sands of Ibiza where Maggie, as DJ Maggie Moo Moo, just might get her big break. Central to the story is Maggie and Rita’s relationship, first friendship, then lovers, and then at odds with one another. Will they reconcile? Their support network, including Rita’s Godmother Victoria and her partner Natalie from the first book, are confident that these two girls were meant for one another, so they get to work behind the scenes.

While part of an over-arching trilogy, “Journey to Ibiza” is a stand-alone read, according to De Ville. Familiar characters from the first book return, but De Ville populates this second book with fresh and intriguing personalities so new fans to the series won’t feel left out.

With the popularity of her debut novel, De Ville is establishing herself as an exciting new voice in female erotic literature, and this sultry story takes readers on an amazing — and steamy — journey.  “I wanted to communicate to the world through these two characters that love is love, nothing more, nothing less,” she says. “It doesn’t matter who you love as long as you love.”

“Journey to Ibiza” is published by Friesen Press and is now available for Kindle and in soft cover and hardcover directly from the publisher’s website and with prices starting at $5.99.  Visit: to order.

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