Invisible Lines

This meme struck me so much. I first wrote a paragraph about it, but it became a more extended, much more critical essay about our invisible lines. I agree with this meme. It is almost every day that I feel this way!!! LOL. There is much contentment in solitude away from the phony, backstabbing bastards. For me, life is much simpler by not making myself vulnerable to the whims and nuances of others. There is an invisible line, the location of which I only know. You can cross it, then it is time to get out. LOL. Will that ever change? I want to think so, but who knows. I am 63, going on 64, so that window may ultimately not be one I am crawling through.

It is also a function of being in the closet for so long. There was always an invisible line that I would draw back if someone got too close to keep my secret. Little did I know then that it was not much of a secret. After coming out, I discovered most folks knew anyway! LOL. Sadly, the invisible line has stuck with me as a grotesque reminder of all the agony and despair society makes queer people endure. It sucks big time, people!!! The damage you repugnant religious people and others do to young, impressionable minds is debilitating. You all are assholes! PERIOD!

I have come A LONG WAY in overcoming all the crap, but I will be the first to admit I am still broken. I will keep working at fixing things no matter how long it takes and will continue to publicly stand for my queer compatriots who are still struggling with their invisible lines. I have faith I can ultimately erase mine. It is my fervent hope you all can, too. I, along with many others, are here to help you.

One reason I wrote my books, Unredacted and Soul Journey, is to expose all my deep, dark secrets, all the crap, and all the struggles in hopes doing so would touch someone and help them step past their invisible lines. I do not care if some folks think I am a horrible writer or do not like my books for one reason or another. I did not write the shit I wrote to make them happy. I do not care about them all and what they may think about my writing skills and what I said in the pages of the 2 books I wrote. These folks are all irrelevant in the bigger picture. See? Helping folks escape the shackles of their minds placed there by wholly and unequivocally ignorant, stupid people is my focus. Nothing more. Nothing less. The petty whining about my writing is meaningless to me. I have much bigger fish to fry than assuaging someone’s wrong opinion of me or my writing!

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