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Print Copy on Hiatus Until at Least November
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Diversity Rules Magazine is an independent gay press born out of a passion for equality and educating those that need some enlightenment on issues impacting the gay community.  The magazine is a one man operation and the Editor/Publisher does all that needs to be done in time to get it to the printer for delivery to the doors of his valued subscribers.

The magazine relies on subscriptions and advertisers and those investments by those who believe in and support the independent gay press.  However, since the magazine is a subscription only publication and just recently came back to print over a year ago, the circulation is not yet attractive enough for some advertisers to place advertisements that limits the ability to advertise and promote the magazine to garner more subscriptions and advertisers.  It is the old catch 22!

So therefore, sadly the print version will be going on hiatus until at least November.  Subscriptions will all be converted temporarily to digital subscriptions through the I-folds flip book version of the magazine.  Subscriptions will also be extended by the number of months out of print and you will receive an additional two issues.

Please note however, that Diversity Rules Magazine is still available for purchase at the I-folds website as well as through your mobile devices!

An Indiegogo campaign will be underway shortly to raise revenue for not only the magazine but for funds to continue to expand into broadcast media with “Diversity Rules Magazine on the Air,” as well as to create an ability to do some advertising and promotion for the magazine to garner more subscriptions and to help spread the magazine’s message of diversity and acceptance.  Please consider spreading the message about the campaign.

The Editor/Publisher sincerely apologizes for this brief period of uncertainty, but rest assured he is doing everything in his power to continue the print copy of the magazine.  Keep checking the website as well as the magazine Facebook page for information about the progress of the campaign as the Editor’s plan unfolds to stabilize the magazine’s foundation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the editor at

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