Genderfluid Singer Queen Sir Jet Mixes Muscle and Fem in New Single and Visual “Male Femininity”

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The genderfluid, introverted muscle fem pop singer Queen Sir JET hopes her new high-energy dance single, “Male Femininity,” will inspire listeners to shun society’s ideas of what they should conform to and embrace their true selves. “My parents never had a problem with their son being homosexual, but they had a huge issue with him being genderqueer,” the artist explains. She says the music industry has, too. “I have been told repeatedly that my image is not relatable to audiences,” she says, adding how the idea of “Male Femininity” came from the criticism she has received. “I cannot control how people feel. I can’t make them like me. I have to accept myself and be happy with who I am: a soft-spoken feminine man who enjoys wearing lingerie and dresses over his crazy, big muscles.” Produced by Velvet Code and being distributed by So Fierce Music, Queen Sir JET’s “Male Femininity” is available on Spotify on all major platforms.

“Growing up, my mother insisted everyone was either male or female,” Queen Sir JET recalls from her home in Los Angeles. “My father tried to convince me that souls were gendered, and therefore no matter my outer appearance, my gender was fixed and could not change. I knew both of them were wrong because I’ve never quite felt totally male or female.”

Much of Queen Sir JET’s music today is about her long journey to accepting her gender and learning to love herself. “My songs tend to be about my struggles with self-confidence. I tend to doubt every decision I make; constantly wondering if my choices are right. Will the future lead to happiness or am I destined to never reach my life’s full potential?”

Queen Sir JET grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and later Scottsdale, Arizona with her two parents and older sister. She was a two-year-old male who wanted to play with dolls and wear sparkly leotards that grew into a teenager who despised his body hair and his changing voice. A doctor diagnosed her as having a mental disorder, gender dysmorphia, and put her on anti-depressants.

“It wasn’t until I was 28, living on my own in Hollywood, when I began to understand it was safe to come out of hiding.” Queen Sir JET modeled for an eccentric designer who encouraged her desire to wear female clothing and paint her nails. She bleached her hair like her idol Marie Fredrikkson of Roxette, and shestarted doing photoshoots with her own lingerie creations.

She was thrilled to finally escape the heteronormative world, and she embraced her new identity in her music, releasing her first EP dedicated to her gender fluidity, Shout-out to the Lonely, in 2012. The title track featured an elaborate video directed by Madonna’s former back-up dancer, Carlton Wilburn. In 2020, Sir JET, as she was known at the time, released her first full-length album, Empowered Bottom. The video for the title single paid homage to famous gender-fluid singers who embody the spirit of empowerment. Last year, she released the single “Alive”, her first collaboration with producer Velvet Code. It was the first to be released under her new moniker, with “Queen” added to her name. “Male Femininity” is Queen Sir JET’s third collaboration with Velvet Code.

The music visual for “Male Femininity” was directed and choreographed by Joey Arrigo and features Queen Sir JET in several of her favorite looks. “It’s so rare I have an excuse to wear an elaborate gown so I get so excited when the opportunity comes around,” Queen Sir JET explains.

The black goth look is a nod to her debut EP, Shout-out to the Lonely. She chose not to wear the black eyeliner she wore in 2012, signaling that she’s not the person she was then, but that a part of that person will always be in her. The blue gown in “Male Femininity” is her favorite piece of clothing. “I bought it three years ago and have been saving it for a special occasion.” She pairs the gown with the earrings and bracelets that she wore in the “Empowered Bottom” music video as a nod to her sexual side, a side which has been, and always will be, an important part of her image.

“A fan once made a comment on a photo of mine that I think describes me best,” the artist continues. “He wrote, ‘JET, you’re just a really pretty girl in the body of a hot dude.’ “

She admits to loving the pin-up girl style; women with large breasts, small waists, and large thighs. “I model my image after those women, but with the muscles of a man’s body,” she explains. “I love to adorn my hour-glass figure with all the amazing creations normally reserved for female bodies that blend my love of hyper-feminism with hyper-masculine and allow me to be the authentic me.”

Queen Sir Jet’s “Male Femininity” is being distributed by So Fierce Music and is available now on Apple Music, Spotify, and all digital platforms. Follow Queen Sir Jet on Tik Tok and Instagram.

About So Fierce Music

So Fierce Music is a new kind of music and entertainment company for artists marginalized and disadvantaged by the mainstream music industry because of age, race, gender, disability or sexual identity. Founded in 2020 by internationally renowned DJ/Producer Velvet Code, the company’s main objective is to become the premier global music, entertainment and education hub for 2SLGBTQIA+ music artists and audiences. Notable artists on the So Fierce Music roster include Icesis Couture, Gisele Lullaby, Oceane Aqua-Black and Scarlett BoBo from Canada’s Drag Race, as well as the reigning Queen of the Universe Season 2 winner, Taiga Brava.

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