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MVD Entertainment Gay Themed Films Available
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MVD Etnertainment Group is announcing the release of three new gay themed films on DVD — Twink, Fall Away and 1 Last Chance at Paradise.  They are compelling examinations of the gay experience.  Go to MVD’s website to order!

twinkAn independent documentary filmmaker conducts an interview with former porn star Kayden Daydream, who now lives in a run down bedsit struggling with drug addiction, alcoholism and mental health issues. The former sex icon Quinn A.K.A Kayden, reveals a world of debauchery and darkness in his interview, and his brutal honesty opens up deep wounds that lead this retrospective to a shocking and tragic CLIMAX! But this grand finale is far from the climax Kayden is usually known for in his films, and Twinks will never be viewed the same again!

On the verge of being discovered, the lead singer for up-and-coming countryfall away folk band “65 Home” dies violently in a back alley. We follow the friends and lovers of ‘Handsome Jake’ as they try to come to terms with the singer’s untimely death. As the band travels to Nashville to honor his passing, we discover that there are many Jake’s – the brother, the lover, the poet, the liar and the cruel manipulator. Everyone knows a different side of this man and the conflicted and seemingly contradictory aspects of his life. Torn between his personal and professional relationship with his co-writer Mel and their unborn child, Jake is equally committed to hisaffair with his secret love John. Determined to make it big at all costs – Jake is destined for greatness but then mysteriously taken all too soon. But by whom? And why? As the band members cross the Midwest with Jake’s ashes on board their Winnebago, they must now struggle to regroup, understand what happened, and find a way to move on. But can they do it without Jake?

Last ChanceKai and Tobi share one last night together, remembering a beautiful weekend they once had away from the oppression of Tobi’s homophobic mother – before the light of the world has been put out in this beautiful, romantic and heartbreaking end times drama. One last night for two lost souls to experience true love and romance before the end of the world. Starring Wade Radford (Sex Lies & Depravity, 2012), introducing Connor Paganini, and featuring 80’s Punk Singer ‘Honey Bane’ (Scrubbers 1982). “Beautiful, Deep and Apocalyptic” – Awesome Mag

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