All matter in the universe is comprised of energy that vibrates continually.  Our bodies, while made of flesh and bone is a ball of vibrating energy as well.  The energy that courses around and within us is not separate and unto itself.  It is the common thread interlinking us with everything and everyone.
Subsequently, it is because of this energy swirling about that nothing stands still.  Movement is required due to the expenditure of energy.  What path that movement traverses is determined by each respective individual and the signals being emitted individually.
Even though many times we do not realize it, we determine the course of events in our lives.  Our very nature creates that which is happening in our lives fueled by the energy of the universe.  We are not without power.
 Energy finds like energy based upon the signal being released from our minds.  If we are worried, fearful or angry, the energy that will be attracted by these emotions will be returned, and will only compound the worry, fear and anger that one is experiencing.  Conversely, if we emit a positive signal grounded in optimism, hope and most importantly love, then our lives will naturally be enriched by the return of optimistic, hopeful and loving energy.
In terms of one’s sexuality, especially closeted LGBTQ individuals, the type of energy emitted is negative, and thus adversely impacts the very essence of one’s being; their soul.  The soul knows what it is meant to become but the fear grounded in ego, restrains the soul’s growth and movement forward; its energy is contained thus dooming it to a life in darkness.
As we transmit negative energy to imprison our soul, we can also transmit positive energy that will feed and nurture it, thus empowering it to move forward toward fulfillment of its inherent purpose to benefit humankind.  Our soul seeks to enjoin itself with the energy that creates oneness with all others and the universe.
The power is within us to decide to change.  Make a decision to come out of your closet.  Coming out will foster the death within yourself of that which held you captive in the darkness.  It shall create a new life that shall be greater than the old and grounded in the oneness of the universe and its omnipotent power to benefit all humankind. 

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